Writer’s Block: Friend in deed

I’ll accept anyone as a friend. I don’t believe in denying someone friendship just because of a lack of intelligence or other trait. However if they treat me badly or if they lie a lot, the majority of the friendship will be in their own mind. Even if you do something wrong morally, I’ll still listen to you and support any positive changes but I wouldn’t necessarily trust you. 🙂


Writer’s Block: Baby, you can drive my car

I would definitely buy a new car if I had the money. I used to want a truck so that I could carry stuff around that I never could before, but I’ve been seeing this other car come through my job fairly frequently that I really love now. I want one of those smart cars. They are so cute and they get wonderful mileage. Either that or a hybrid minivan or SUV. Something that I could cart around a lot of people and still get good gas mileage.

Writer’s Block: Theme Dining

Okay, the writer’s block question today is what sort of theme restuarant would you open and how would you express the theme to your customers.

I don’t know if it’s much of a theme, but I did have this idea come to me a long time back that intreguied me. I would love to create a diabetic friendly restuarant. It would primarily be a sit down restuarantwhile still allowing take out orders. Perhaps even have a staff member on hand for blood sugar testing before or after meals upon request. The entire menu would be organized by carb amounts. Perhaps also the sodium amounts. I know my mom at least has to watch her sodium also. Maybe little notations by each item that contains milk and other allergens. And there would be someone on hand all the time in the case of emergencies. Kind of like a paid paramedic.

Just a thought. 🙂