Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel–Book Review

When I first received this book I was so excited. A note from both the publisher, Blue World Publications, and the author, David Goodberg. It’s the first book I’ve received like this and I was very excited to start it, despite the stack of other books on my to read list. I was exceedingly pleased with this nicely bound book with the little stamp on the inside cover declaring that my newest prized possession is a review copy not to be resold. Woo! That being said… What did I think?

An ADD afflicted person’s dream come true! I loved this book from the very beginning. Following a two chapter introduction to the commercial side of time travel are many short stories interspersed with either thought provoking or humorous anecdotes of a single page in length. From cover to cover this book is bound to at least bring a smile about. The very few stories that aren’t amusing are insightful to the human psyche despite the fictional setting.

At the very least a very worthwhile read. I definitely suggest that anyone interested in science fiction should go out and find this book come February 8th.