Labor Day… Or Whose Season Is It Anyway?

It’s that wonderful, brilliant time of year again. The South is notorious for it, but I’m sure we’re not the only ones. Labor day is over. It’s fall again.

In the coming weeks, there will be mornings that start out cool enough to need to wear jackets. It’ll be delightful until the temperatures skyrocket halfway to lunch time and we’re sweltering in those warm clothes. In childhood, it meant lost jackets and sweaters. If you’re anything like me, it’s much the same as an adult. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ll be getting ready to head out, feel the chill in the air, and step back in to grab my jacket. But do I see it? Of course not. It’ll be a few minutes, but I’ll realize that once again my jacket has been left behind in the car. And when you’re young it’s usually one of those not quite plastic coats that are ten times colder and seem to take forever to warm up to body temperature. And during the Southern Fall that’s usually about the time to take it off.

Of course we’re not there yet. It’s still hot as anything outside. Which begs the mention of the other great Southern Fall disagreement. White after Labor Day. Some say it’s an etiquette detail and nothing more. Others say that it’s just because of the weather and thusly to be ignored thanks to the strange Southern Fall. After doing my homework I found the truth behind it even more bizarrely annoying. According to an article on the White Rule in Mental Floss magazine (a greatly diverse magazine that always has something in it that you never knew that you didn’t know) the background of the White Rule was less about the weather and more about money. Apparently, it was part of a list of etiquette rules created sometime in the 1800s to primarily let old money know if they were dealing with new money or old money.

That being said, we’re getting to my favorite part of fall. My favorite yearly writing competitions and challenges all happen at this time of the year. And on top of that, my favorite writing clothes have always been sweat pants and sweat shirts. Good comfort clothing. Is it possible to wear during summer and the first part of fall? Of course not.

But that time is coming. My time is coming.

What is your beef with fall? Comment to commiserate or say a few words in support of fall.


The Three Doors

Once upon a dark dream
Stood a subconscious scheme
Before me stood three doors tall
Behind them my fate would fall

The first was inky black
With a sheen that oils lack
Oozing hatred and despair
I wish not to reside there

The second was of such beauty
That I did not feel at all worthy
The door painted of purest white
Was too holy, too perfect, too right

The third felt inadequate yet homely
A simple wooden door stood humbly
Neither painted nor perfectly carved
Not quite perfect but seeming deserved

The dream pushes on, the stakes are set
One I don’t want, one I feel a safe bet
And yet I feel the pull of the beautiful door
I want to choose the one which is more

Which door to choose, which one chooses me?
One of hate, one of love, one of mediocrity.
I open the pure door of the olive sprig
I choose to have high hopes, to dream big.

Daily Prompt: Just a Dream.

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Daily Prompt: Forever Young

Ageless waters sparkling clear
Daring many to take their sip
So many hold their youth dear
Hiding from that final trip

The vessel of water before me
Taunts with visions of second life
The thoughts of escape are distinct
But stalled by the thoughts of strife

Who would want to live forever young
Always pretty, always shallow
When age offers so much to learn from
For beauty or mind? Love would be hollow.

Daily Prompt: Forever Young.

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Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth

I absolutely despise subjective questions. Especially feelings. So many people can have such different meanings for the same feeling. If I say I’m feeling depressed does the person I’m talking to think I’m on the verge of committing suicide or do they just think I’m slightly off my game today.

That’s also why I prefer to write as opposed to speaking. When I write I can be fairly sure that the people reading will understand my meaning. Plus I get the benefit of proofreaders and editors. Sure you can get speech writers and the like, but who’s to say that their word meaning is the same as your own.

Conversations are the worst. I stutter, hesitate, repeat myself, basically all the things that you’re not “supposed” to do. As Christians we’re supposed to be evangelists in our daily lives. I wouldn’t dare. I believe that I would chase more people away then attract. Let me write a letter and we might actually get somewhere.

I’m looking forward to the day that they come out with neural implants that convey a person’s real meaning instead of their literal meaning. Of course that would probably bring on a slew of other issues too.

I think I’ll just write.

Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth.

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Daily Prompt: Me Time

Daily Prompt: Me Time.

I have recently begun to believe that Saturdays are a good detox time in between the work week and Sundays. When I worked at McDonalds my schedule was irregular and I wasn’t as firm in my faith as I am now. Now though I am more centered in my faith, and I wouldn’t go back to the way I was anymore.

It works best for the Monday through Friday workers, but anyone with two days off in a row knows that the second day is the true day off. I can spend Saturday getting all of the issues from work out of my system and be able to fully appreciate Sunday for what it is supposed to be, a day of worship of God.

Is this Saturday everything I want from it? So far, yes. I’ve had a good night sleep. I’ve started a new short story writing project (If Zoo, the cat, will leave my materials alone). And I have great plans for spending time with my family. It only remains to be seen how those plans will turn out, but either way, I will feel better prepared to meet God tomorrow.

One Step Away

Your heart grows warm
This creation of your play
Your pride takes form
As we take one step away

As the wealth begins to roll in
More and more day after day
Avarice sets in, deepening the sin
As we take two more steps away

With the wealth comes the draw of the flesh
Before long lust has swept you away
Further from your spouse, further from the creche
As we take three more steps away

Secrets exposed, no longer seperated
Pointing fingers, sides are weighed
Anger draws forth, loved becomes hated
As we take four more steps away

We fall apart without the love
Food and drink taken in all day
Darkness is covered like a glove
As we take five more steps away

When so much is lost, so much is missed
The grass becomes greener when we stray
Happiness is gone when envy is in our midst
As we take six more steps away

It becomes too much and we feel so weak
Easier to let it happen than keep evil at bay
We hope our sins have reached their peak
As we take seven more steps away

Our garden has become our desert
Though it is darkest before the dawn
We can stand no more to deal the hurt
No more will we be the devil’s pawn

Seeing that only the one above can save
We finally see how far we have roamed
When we are crawling we find life we crave
Only seven more steps away from home

It is only through the heart of Jesus
That we can understand the holy tome
Offering kindness is the way to forgiveness
Only six more steps away from home

On the road home we take only what we must
We find overindulgence has become gruesome
Only our staff and sandles do we mark the dust
Only five more steps away from home

Away with those that drag us down
No more will we let our hearts roam
One spouse or none until we see the crown
Only four more steps away from home

A trip of many miles takes more than just a day
Patience must be learned to undo what’s been done
Though the trip is long and the outlook gray
Only three more steps away from home

It is only in giving that we may receive
Those that have nothing are ones that know
Nothing can we take when it is time to leave
Only two more steps away from home

It takes hard work to right the wrongs
It would be so easy from the path to roam
But the work goes easier as we sing the psalms
Only one more step away from home

Only once our work is finished
And our deeds undone
Will our Father say welcome home

Posting Elsewhere – Platform Challenge Day 6

One of the hardest things one can do is to put one’s self out into public, exposing their heart and soul to the world.

The day 6 challenge of the Platform Challenge is to post on another site. Mr Robert Lee Brewer makes a valid point in his challenge for the day. Part of establishing an online presence is making yourself be seen. Amazingly enough, I posted on a couple sites and mere hours later I’ve been followed and had a posting liked.

We have to remember that there comes a point when what we write is not just for ourselves, or even family and friends, but for the world. We can’t be read far and wide and continue to be afraid of other’s opinions.

I believe that this is probably my highest part of the learning curve. I’ve always been terrified to know that others are reading my work. Anything from an essay to a poem would stike fear in my soul. I need to learn to accept that what I write is how I feel or what I mean, no matter how others may respond to it.

Some of the greatest works, the greatest thoughts, the greatest people have provoked the hottest fires.

Good Deeds or Not?

I was thinking today about the actual act of giving. We all know that we are supposed to give of ourselves. We hear about it at least once every year. You know, about how we have to give of our time, talent, or treasure. I’ve always been a bit on the short side when it came to funds so I’ve tried to give whenever I could otherwise. I donate my blood through the Red Cross. I donate my hair every two or three years for the Locks for Love people. I signed up for the donor program where if my plasma is every needed directly, they can contact me. Or at least I think it’s plasma, I’m not one hundred percent certain anymore. I also sing in my church choir and help our choir director whenever I can.

I got to thinking however. We all know it’s important to help, give, and do good deeds. What got me thinking is our intent. Does it count in God’s eyes if we’re doing good deeds because we know we’re expected to do it? Or is it something much deeper than that? I remember my mom talking to my son one time. He had done something wrong, I can’t even tell you what anymore. He apologized, but she wasn’t very accepting. She asked him if he was sorry because it was wrong or if it was because she was upset with him.

Perhaps that’s the question we should be asking ourselves before we pray or before we go to confession. Are we apologizing to God for our misdeeds because we’re suddenly realizing that He’s been watching all this time and knows about it or are we truly sorry that it ever happened? Sure I’m sorry that I lied to my mom when I broke the cookie jar, but am I sorry because I know that God doesn’t want us to lie or because I spoke an untruth.

In addition to that, are our good deeds worth anything if we’re doing them to please God or because it’s the right thing to do? Is it like bring the shiny red apple to school for the teacher? Are we just trying to butter up the teacher only to find afterwards that she (or he) sees through our effort and still grades us fairly? I’ve heard people refer to an act of nicety as their good deed of the day. If you look at it like that, does it still remain a good deed?

We are supposed to follow in Jesus footsteps. I can’t imagine Him only helping people because it was expected of Him. I know that it’s harder for some of us than others, but we’re supposed to at least try to follow the right path. But is it the right path when we do it for the purpose of pleasing God, or for the purpose of actually helping people.