Water and Calorie Burning

I was watching the Animal Planet’s The Most Extreme the other night and one of the animals that they were featuring was the penguin. They were talking about how the male penguins would eat the snow just to be able to put something in their stomachs. Pretty fascinating, especially when they mentioned how dangerous it is for them to do this because their bodies burn calories in the attempt to turn the snow to their body temperature. Apparently the coldness forces the body to warm the water up to turn it into body temperature. They also claim that it works that way for humans to. I just verified it at a few other websites that while it does work, you only burn around 8 calories per 8 ounce glass of ice water. So it’s not really worth it.

But it did get me to thinking about burning calories through using the cold. If you dropped the temperature of your shower water a few degrees, would it work the same way? Or even going for a swim in a cold water pool. I’m not saying it would work or even if it’s healthy, but it is food for thought. 😉

It would give kudos to the Polar Bear Clubs. 🙂