Catch Up Time – Belated Platform Challenge

Day 13

I took a day off from the world yesterday (and I still got 9 views! Kudus to be followers, love you guys!) But here I am again and I’m going to forge on ahead through the ones that I’ve already previously done.

The lucky day 13 challenge is about linking your posts to your social media. Thanks to Networked Blogs and WordPress’s nifty little Publicize program I’ve been doing that since nearly day one.

Day 14

This day’s challenge is all about Google+ which thanks to my ex-boyfriend, I already have. It did have a few suggestions for updating my account which I have taken. Many are similar to the optimization suggestions for the other social medias. However I did bite the bullet and remove my beloved little pirate profile picture and put up the same image I put on all my other profiles.

Day 15

Make three new connections, for a bonus go for five. The whole point to this is to establish yourself online and the best way to do that is to make contacts. Mr. Brewer offers some good suggestions on how to introduce one’s self to others.


Call to Actions – Belated Platform Challenge Day 12

Today’s task is to write a new blog posting with a call to action at the end.

A call to what?

My immediate thought is that I have to write a blog on some crazily emotional post and call people to act upon it. I’m sure I could come up with something new to blog about, that’s easy. But do I really want to turn my beloved new blog into a battle ground of sorts?

That’s when I did something that I would recommend every do when they participate in a challenge (currently or belatedly). I read the rest of the posting.

Now I feel like the idiot. What Robert Lee Brewer mean’s by a call to action is adding something to the bottom of the posting. It could be a link to a previous posting or an initiation to follow you on other social medias. That being said, I’ll definitely add something on to my next posting, and I’ll probably feel silly while doing so.

Sharing Articles – Belated Platform Challenge Day 11

A reminder to my faithful few, my platform challenge postings are scheduled so many of the challenges are already accomplished a few days ahead when you read this. That being said, let’s get on with this one.

This day’s challenge is simple at heart, and yet can have wide reaching affects to one’s blog. The challenge is to share an article through the social media (and blog of course) accounts that have been created so far. I have done as much and the it’s interesting how it works. By sharing a post or article you’re sharing with the author that you find it interesting enough to share with others, but you’re also linking your name with the blog and the article. Similar to retweeting interesting tweets, you’re establishing yourself by sharing relevant and interesting materials.

I can only hope that the article (actually a blog post) accomplishes that to those that read it here.

Search Engines – Belated Platform Challenge Day 10

Today’s challenge is all about rankings and search engines. It’s good to know where you sit in life. Jesus may have told us to sit at the lowest place as it’s better to be asked to sit somewhere better than to be told to move to a lesser place, but as a writer it’s very important to know what the readers see when they look for you on the internet.

What I found when I googled my name shouldn’t have been surprising. I know I have a bad habit of opening accounts at places and then forgetting them, but it was still surprising to see how many results came up with my name. It’s made me realize just how important it is to think twice about what you put out on the internet because even if you forget about it, it’ll still be drifting about out there in cyber space.

It did surprise me to see that my blog didn’t even show up. That is something that will have to be fixed real soon (preferably before I publish my upcoming book of poetry or even my eventual novels) Sure it’s nice to know that the average person can find me on but would I rather they go there or my blog?

I definitely have more work to do on that front. Robert Lee Brewer does mention that in later dates in the challenge that he goes over SEO, search engine optimization. I certainly look forward to that.

Responding to Tweets – Platform Challenge Day 9

I know that I have a habit of ignoring social media once I’ve joined but for the Ninth Day of the Platform Challenge, Mr. Robert Lee Brewer makes an excellent point as he instructions people to tweet three people today. There are many affects to retweeting other people’s messages. It lets them know that you appreciate their message and it also calls attention to them.

By keeping your eye out for “good” information and retweeting and sending out those snippets of info, you are establishing yourself as a good source. If you can pick out great topics and sources, people will begin to look to you for that information.

What it really boils down to is staying involved and keeping an eye to the quality of messages we send out. I’ve made my tweets and retweets for the day. What have you sent out into the world so far today?

Linkedin – Platform Challenge Day 8

There’s that bad habit of mine again. I have this tendency to create accounts at places, but never really go back to them afterwards.

On the plus side, I didn’t have to create an account. I did however have a lot of optimizing ahead of me. I think I like the new page better now. Even if there is only three connections.

I certainly like my new picture better. In case anyone is interested, that’s my first rooster. He died about a week after it was taken. Rocky was a good chicken, even if I wasn’t sure of what breed he was.

Sharing Buttons – Platform Challenge Day 7

I love these challenges that I’ve already done. Robert Lee Brewer offered the suggestion of using the buttons, but I decided to go with the buttons provided by word press. I look forward to seeing them in use.

Since their installation I’ve already been followed and one post has been liked. I find it fairly exciting. I look forward to what comes next.

Posting Elsewhere – Platform Challenge Day 6

One of the hardest things one can do is to put one’s self out into public, exposing their heart and soul to the world.

The day 6 challenge of the Platform Challenge is to post on another site. Mr Robert Lee Brewer makes a valid point in his challenge for the day. Part of establishing an online presence is making yourself be seen. Amazingly enough, I posted on a couple sites and mere hours later I’ve been followed and had a posting liked.

We have to remember that there comes a point when what we write is not just for ourselves, or even family and friends, but for the world. We can’t be read far and wide and continue to be afraid of other’s opinions.

I believe that this is probably my highest part of the learning curve. I’ve always been terrified to know that others are reading my work. Anything from an essay to a poem would stike fear in my soul. I need to learn to accept that what I write is how I feel or what I mean, no matter how others may respond to it.

Some of the greatest works, the greatest thoughts, the greatest people have provoked the hottest fires.

Setting Up a Blog – Platform Challenge Day 5

Woo Hoo! Three days in a row of easy challenges. I already have a blog. Therefore I completed this one by default!


Post relevant content. Whoops. I’ve blogged about anything and everything under the sun. But then again, to a creative writer, what isn’t relevant?

Write well, but be concise. As I have been reading some of my past posts I realize that I lost this one too. Some of my past messages are less that well written. At least it gives me something to work towards.

Experiment. I’ll have to keep this one in mind. Robert Lee Brewer specifically mentions that it was his experiment when he first started posting writing prompts. I suppose I can take some heart from the fact that I’ve responded to a few of them.

I suppose in the long run I could have done worse. This challenge day has certainly lined up areas for improvement.

Twitter – Platform Challenge Day 4

I’m having flashbacks to the challenge from the previous day. Sure Twitter doesn’t have the same following that Facebook does, but really. Even my mom has Twitter. (Not that she actually uses it) He did however list a few ‘optimization’ tips that I will most take advantage of.

  • Make your profile bio relevant – He suggests using the one line sentence from Day One. I think I might.
  • Use an image of yourself. – I’d hate to get rid of my beloved unicorn, but I suppose there comes a time to let go.
  • Make your Twitter handle your byline–if possible. – After taking the time to realize just what the byline is, I realized that my first name by itself doesn’t truly count. Winking smile
  • Link to a website. – Done and Done. My blog is linked.
  • Tweet regularly. It doesn’t matter if you have only 2 followers (and one is your mom); you still need to tweet daily (or nearly daily) for Twitter to be effective. – Oops. I’ll have to try this from now on. I knew I had to be doing something wrong.

It’s actually funny in a way, fate and all. Yesterday from Mr. Robert Brewer himself is a posting on the effect of tablets on the publishing business. He included a comment on how important an Author Platform is to the writing business now. I find it amusing to see it, just a few days after picking up his challenge.

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