Advice Needed and Welcomed

I didn’t blog at all back then so you probably didn’t know this, but last Christmas season my car was broken into and my purse snatched. And before anyone says anything I know it’s stupid to leave your bag on your front seat and I haven’t done it a single time since then.

Anyway, story goes that they finally caught the guy and sent him to jail. Only thing is, he went away for doing something or other to a cop. The issue with my car was a minor detail. I think the sentence was for three years or something. I don’t really remember anymore.

But here’s my problem. I just received an email from…a lady about the guy’s pre-parole investigation. What the heck am I supposed to say? I’m still bitter because in my eyes I didn’t receive justice. How am I supposed to tell her whether I recommend parole or not? I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell her.

If anyone else has been in this situation, please let me know! I need HELP!