Do You Still Remember Me?

Courtesy of WordPress’s Daily Prompt (from yesterday) I bring you…

Do You Still Remember Me?

It has been long since I last saw you
It has been long since I last knew you
Will you still remember me?
Will you still welcome me?

I have wandered far and strayed from the path
At first I did not think upon your wrath
But now it has been so very long
I know my deeds have been so very wrong

In the beginning I wondered where you went
I missed your presence but did not know why
From your essence my soul had been rent
I had wandered too far for you to be nigh

That cavernous empty hole in my chest
How much longer until eternal rest?
The feeling of dread when looking home
How much longer must I roam?

It has been long since I last saw you
It has been long since I last knew you
Will you still remember me?
Will you still welcome me?

I want to come home

Daily Prompt: My Favorite.


The Three Doors

Once upon a dark dream
Stood a subconscious scheme
Before me stood three doors tall
Behind them my fate would fall

The first was inky black
With a sheen that oils lack
Oozing hatred and despair
I wish not to reside there

The second was of such beauty
That I did not feel at all worthy
The door painted of purest white
Was too holy, too perfect, too right

The third felt inadequate yet homely
A simple wooden door stood humbly
Neither painted nor perfectly carved
Not quite perfect but seeming deserved

The dream pushes on, the stakes are set
One I don’t want, one I feel a safe bet
And yet I feel the pull of the beautiful door
I want to choose the one which is more

Which door to choose, which one chooses me?
One of hate, one of love, one of mediocrity.
I open the pure door of the olive sprig
I choose to have high hopes, to dream big.

Daily Prompt: Just a Dream.

via Daily Prompt: Just a Dream.


When I see the wild crashing ocean
I can feel you close by me.
When I feel the caress of the sun
I know that my search is done.

Many times our faith is stifled
By attacks your church has suffered
Youth are instructed in self belief
Too many don’t see your sweet relief

It can be so hard to hear and see
When surrounded by this earthly city
Great achievements cannot be had
Until in your light we are clad

Daily Prompt: Me Time

Daily Prompt: Me Time.

I have recently begun to believe that Saturdays are a good detox time in between the work week and Sundays. When I worked at McDonalds my schedule was irregular and I wasn’t as firm in my faith as I am now. Now though I am more centered in my faith, and I wouldn’t go back to the way I was anymore.

It works best for the Monday through Friday workers, but anyone with two days off in a row knows that the second day is the true day off. I can spend Saturday getting all of the issues from work out of my system and be able to fully appreciate Sunday for what it is supposed to be, a day of worship of God.

Is this Saturday everything I want from it? So far, yes. I’ve had a good night sleep. I’ve started a new short story writing project (If Zoo, the cat, will leave my materials alone). And I have great plans for spending time with my family. It only remains to be seen how those plans will turn out, but either way, I will feel better prepared to meet God tomorrow.

Maintaining Christianity in a “Post-Christian”

This blog posting has some of the most useful Christian advice I have ever seen. As our society drifts further and further away from the good values we used to have, it becomes more important to keep hold of the values closest to us. We may not be able to affect society as a whole, but we can affect our family and how we react to the outside world. There are several items on the list that I plan to institute in my own family. I’d love to institute the No Meat on Friday ruling, but it would be a nightmare with my son. If anyone has any recipes that disguise fish as someone else, I would love to get a hold of it. 🙂

Vox Nova

Two young fish, so the story goes, are swimming casually along, talking about whatever it is that young fish talk about.  Presently, they look up and notice an elderly fish approaching.  He has a mysterious twinkle in his eye as he passes them, going the opposite direction, and playfully shouts, “Hey boys!  How’s the water?”

Once the old fish is out of earshot, the first young fish turns to the second and asks, “What the heck’s water?”

It has been observed by many people that we live in a post-Christian culture.  The Christian who hopes to stay Christian, raise her children as Christians, and help her Christian friends and family resist the tide of secularism is often at a loss.  We live in a culture the underlying presuppositions of which are, in fact, quite antithetical to the gospel.  The problem, however, is that we are very often like the young…

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One Step Away

Your heart grows warm
This creation of your play
Your pride takes form
As we take one step away

As the wealth begins to roll in
More and more day after day
Avarice sets in, deepening the sin
As we take two more steps away

With the wealth comes the draw of the flesh
Before long lust has swept you away
Further from your spouse, further from the creche
As we take three more steps away

Secrets exposed, no longer seperated
Pointing fingers, sides are weighed
Anger draws forth, loved becomes hated
As we take four more steps away

We fall apart without the love
Food and drink taken in all day
Darkness is covered like a glove
As we take five more steps away

When so much is lost, so much is missed
The grass becomes greener when we stray
Happiness is gone when envy is in our midst
As we take six more steps away

It becomes too much and we feel so weak
Easier to let it happen than keep evil at bay
We hope our sins have reached their peak
As we take seven more steps away

Our garden has become our desert
Though it is darkest before the dawn
We can stand no more to deal the hurt
No more will we be the devil’s pawn

Seeing that only the one above can save
We finally see how far we have roamed
When we are crawling we find life we crave
Only seven more steps away from home

It is only through the heart of Jesus
That we can understand the holy tome
Offering kindness is the way to forgiveness
Only six more steps away from home

On the road home we take only what we must
We find overindulgence has become gruesome
Only our staff and sandles do we mark the dust
Only five more steps away from home

Away with those that drag us down
No more will we let our hearts roam
One spouse or none until we see the crown
Only four more steps away from home

A trip of many miles takes more than just a day
Patience must be learned to undo what’s been done
Though the trip is long and the outlook gray
Only three more steps away from home

It is only in giving that we may receive
Those that have nothing are ones that know
Nothing can we take when it is time to leave
Only two more steps away from home

It takes hard work to right the wrongs
It would be so easy from the path to roam
But the work goes easier as we sing the psalms
Only one more step away from home

Only once our work is finished
And our deeds undone
Will our Father say welcome home


Yes, I know that the Poem a Day challenge is in November and April and that I didn’t participate at the time, but I like the circle prompt. :-p

Have you accepted Jesus Christ
as your personal Lord and savior?
Are you sure?

There is a darkness in the soul we all hide
Something that we dare not admit to any
Be it so dark that it’s worth to have lied
Or merely too embarrassing for the many

The rules are few; The rules are simple
To love others as He has loved us
It sounds easy but can cause a great ripple
A ripple that can fix a muddy mess

Who is a lord but one that we follow
We believe that which our lord believes
Let your promises not be hollow
But be the balm that relieves

Have you given comfort to the lonely?
Have you given clothes to the naked?
Have you fed those that are hungry?
Or have you given money to fake it?

Are you sure you
Have accepted Jesus Christ as
your personal Lord and savior?

In the Company of God – Wednesday Poetry Prompts

Prompt Courtesy of Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog. (I think it’s one of my new favorites)

Painted Glass
Polished Brass
Pristine Goals
Sainted Souls

Echoing silence speaks
A message to all that seeks
Vaulted wood cannot contain
The presence none can explain

Pitiable are those who cannot hear
The voice they claim to hold dear
Prideful cannot see beyond their glow
To accept what they profess to know

Envy the trusting faces of children
They who know when to listen
Desire the faith of those who hear
What is whispered when He draws near

Cracking paint
Glistening taint
Morals rent
Hidden intent

Shades of Morality

Not too long ago I had an argument with a co-worker about an ethical situation. But before I get into the actual argument I have a question for you to ponder first. You are standing somewhere, presumably by a cash register, and you notice change on the floor. Whether you pick it up or not is a personal choice that probably depends on how much money is involved or on how bad your back hurts that day. But what comes next is what I want you to consider. In front of you on the counter is a collection box for some charity or other. Do you (a) put the change in the box or (b) put the change in your pocket? It can be a tough question, especially if you are strapped for cash.

The situation involved in my argument was change found on the ground by a drive thru where there is a collection box for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. My opinion is that it isn’t really your money to begin with and chances are it was dropped in an effort to put it in the box. I think the money picked up should be dropped in the box. My co-worker obviously felt otherwise and had been pocketing all money found on the ground. He felt that many times people just didn’t feel like picking their money up after dropping it so the money was free money.

I came up with a phrase the other day that really summed up the whole issue in just three words. "Shades of Morality." And I hereby claim that phrase for a future novel, I love it. 🙂 Moving on, what I mean by that is that we all have our own vision of what moral behavior is and much of that is dependant on how we were raised as children. Look at it this way; morally I am no more right than my co-worker is when it comes to picking up dropped change from the ground. No matter how much it grates on my nerves it was dropped and not picked back up.

The problem isn’t so much, his morality or even mine, but where is the line drawn? And the real question that I should be asking; Where does God draw the line? Several years ago it was the "in" thing to where clothes, bracelets, necklaces, and other items asking "what would Jesus do?" and if we were to not only ask that question but take the answer into account we would all get along better. Sure both my coworker and I are right about the dropped change, but… What Would Jesus Do? Obviously I think he would pick the change up and put it in the box, unless his omniscience told him that the charity was a fraud.

How many times do you really question your motives when you do something that could be questionable? How many times do you question other people’s motives? These issues are just shades of morality and it is up to you to reflect on them to decide who is really right and wrong. In the eyes of the law, nobody is truly wrong in my situation. And maybe God wouldn’t even see it as being wrong, just not right.

The way I see it is that we’re supposed to follow in Jesus’ footsteps so what he would do, we should do. So in this I feel justified, but who’s to say that I will next time.

I will give him this much credit, after our argument he has been putting the change in the box every time since then. At least when I am around.

Who Do You Live For?

I was just watching a bit of a You Tube video that made me think a bit. I know what those of you who really know me are thinking. I still don’t really care for You Tube, but I saw it on Face Book. I’ll paste the embed code later on in this entry. Anyway, there was this one quote:

Isn’t it funny how I can be more worried about what other people think of me than what God thinks of me?

I was thinking about this and it kind of makes sense. I know what the author of the video is trying to say, that we should be more concerned about how we appear to God than other people. But aren’t we also supposed to see Him as our father? What happens to “God Loves You”? God loves you no matter what you do. No, He may not care for the things that you do, but He still loves you.

So when you think about it, it’s not about who you care more about appearances for. They’re just appearances. God already knows you to the center of your very being. So it’s not about what God or other people think of you. It’s about who you live your life for. Do you want to be the person that God see or is there room for improvement. Once you find that improvement, do you have the guts to make the changes that God would like to see. No one can make those decisions except for yourself.

That being said, I wish everyone a happy and safe All Hallows’ Eve tomorrow.

Here’s the video: