My Goals – Platform Challenge Day 2

My Challenge for today is to make a list of goals, both short term and long term, specifically before the tend of the year and before I die. I’m altering it to the end of 2013, being that it’s currently December.

Things To Do Before December 2013

  • Publish at least one novel (Preferably 3, but who’s counting)
  • Self-Publish a poetry anthology
  • Self-Publish my father’s poetry
  • Obtain an agent
  • Become an ML for NaNoWriMo
  • Start a reading club at my church
  • Start a disaster specific prayer group (I would love to call it Vigil Aunties)
  • Buy and wrap Christmas presents before Christmas Eve.

Things To Do Before I Die

  • Travel overseas (probably by cruise mentioned below, unless the doctors can fix my ear issue)
    • Rome
    • Australia
    • Ireland
  • Go on a cruise
  • Unite my family in faith
  • Pay off all debts