And Now a Message From Above

Well, You Did Ask For a Sign - God

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The only guarantee in life is that there are no guarantees. We’re always looking from guidance, hoping in some sign from above to let us know if we’re on the right path. Most of the time we’re just left second guessing ourselves.

Whether put there as someone’s message from God or just a minister’s quirky sense of humor, church signs can be profound or even amusing. I’ve been collecting church signs that have either tickled my funny bone or struck me as profound or simply struck me with improper grammar. Every Sunday I’ll be blogging about these church signs and what they mean to me.

Perhaps you’ll find your sign among them.


A New Beginning

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but I’m turning over a new metaphorical leaf. I’ll be posting more often and with hopefully better content.

Why am I doing this? Besides the fact that it’s wrong to leave a dead blog out on the net….

I’ve agreed to teach C. C. D. at my church. {This would be the excitement that the prompt calls for 🙂 } I’ll be attending Virtus training soon, hopefully this week. {Something else for me to blog about.} Our new D. R. E. asked me today about teaching Fourth Grade. It’s a first step for me, but it’ll help immensely with my super secret writing project. And if we’re all lucky, I might even teach some kids something about the Catholic faith.

So, everyone, please keep me in your prayers. (If you don’t pray, wish on a shooting stay for me, and then email me about why you don’t pray.) I’ll need all the divine help I can get for my first year.

Daily Prompt: The Excitement Never Ends

Do You Still Remember Me?

Courtesy of WordPress’s Daily Prompt (from yesterday) I bring you…

Do You Still Remember Me?

It has been long since I last saw you
It has been long since I last knew you
Will you still remember me?
Will you still welcome me?

I have wandered far and strayed from the path
At first I did not think upon your wrath
But now it has been so very long
I know my deeds have been so very wrong

In the beginning I wondered where you went
I missed your presence but did not know why
From your essence my soul had been rent
I had wandered too far for you to be nigh

That cavernous empty hole in my chest
How much longer until eternal rest?
The feeling of dread when looking home
How much longer must I roam?

It has been long since I last saw you
It has been long since I last knew you
Will you still remember me?
Will you still welcome me?

I want to come home

Daily Prompt: My Favorite.

The Three Doors

Once upon a dark dream
Stood a subconscious scheme
Before me stood three doors tall
Behind them my fate would fall

The first was inky black
With a sheen that oils lack
Oozing hatred and despair
I wish not to reside there

The second was of such beauty
That I did not feel at all worthy
The door painted of purest white
Was too holy, too perfect, too right

The third felt inadequate yet homely
A simple wooden door stood humbly
Neither painted nor perfectly carved
Not quite perfect but seeming deserved

The dream pushes on, the stakes are set
One I don’t want, one I feel a safe bet
And yet I feel the pull of the beautiful door
I want to choose the one which is more

Which door to choose, which one chooses me?
One of hate, one of love, one of mediocrity.
I open the pure door of the olive sprig
I choose to have high hopes, to dream big.

Daily Prompt: Just a Dream.

via Daily Prompt: Just a Dream.


When I see the wild crashing ocean
I can feel you close by me.
When I feel the caress of the sun
I know that my search is done.

Many times our faith is stifled
By attacks your church has suffered
Youth are instructed in self belief
Too many don’t see your sweet relief

It can be so hard to hear and see
When surrounded by this earthly city
Great achievements cannot be had
Until in your light we are clad

In the Company of God – Wednesday Poetry Prompts

Prompt Courtesy of Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog. (I think it’s one of my new favorites)

Painted Glass
Polished Brass
Pristine Goals
Sainted Souls

Echoing silence speaks
A message to all that seeks
Vaulted wood cannot contain
The presence none can explain

Pitiable are those who cannot hear
The voice they claim to hold dear
Prideful cannot see beyond their glow
To accept what they profess to know

Envy the trusting faces of children
They who know when to listen
Desire the faith of those who hear
What is whispered when He draws near

Cracking paint
Glistening taint
Morals rent
Hidden intent