For anyone expecting a brilliant blog, you’re going to have to wait. I’m working on some things, but when I saw The Daily Prompt’s prompt for today I had to write something. They’re asking us to blog about  some of the more meaningful hand-me-downs that we’ve gotten.

There’s a lot of hand-me-downs that I’ve gotten through out my life. Clothes, bags, toys. You name it, I’ve probably received it. My grandmother used to send us used clothes or pocketbooks and tuck folded up bills or small checks into the pockets.

I think my favorite hand-me-downs is the postcard collection that I received from my mother. It wasn’t just her cards, but also cards that had been given to her by other family members. I can’t even read some of them because of different languages. Postcard collections are more than just cool pictures. They are cool pictures with a family story to go with them. It’s a little like sitting down with an elderly family member and their photo albums. You can see the pictures of where they went and the message on the cards gives you a little bit about what was going on when they sent it. You get a bit of the story even when the participants are gone.

It’s one of many reasons why I started messing around with Post Crossing. You send out post cards to random people across the world and the website enters you into a log to receive a random postcard back. I’ve received post cards from places I had never heard of before. It gives you a chance to learn a little bit about other cultures, other people, and sometimes even a little bit about the language.

People rarely take the time to send postal mail these days. When was the last time you sent or received a post card? Or even a letter?



90 Days to Your Novel – Day 1

The beginning of every journey starts with one step. Even though I’ve already completed one novel length story, I have purchased 90 Days to Your Novel: A Day-by-Day Plan for Outlining & Writing Your Book. Hopefully my next novel will be more publishable than the last.

That being said, I’ve read the task for day one and I’m already starting to rethink the plan. I’m supposed to think back to my earliest memories and write them all down.

I’m lucky if I can remember what I did last week. Perhaps I can add in the stories I have been told. Regardless, I have a hard time believing that I can write for 2-3 hours on such a topic.

Here’s to the possibility that tomorrow’s task will be somewhat easier.

In addition to all that, at the suggestion of The Daily Post, I’ve claimed my blog at Blog Lovin’. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

Furtive glances
Lies prepared
Who are we lieing to?
Ourselves? Family? God

The need to know and learn draws us in
We become addicted to the world news
Time has been wasted
Priorities are misplaced

We know everything that happens as it does
But what becomes of those nearby? Are they lost?
The time has come, take a stand
Computers off, rest our hands

Twitter – Facebook – Google+
My Space – LinkdIn – Pinterest
All of them pull us further out
Drawing us along the global route

If we must follow, follow those closest
From global views to the local news
Leave the celebrities for our friends
Keep up with the small town trends

Perhaps this world would be a better place
If we cared more about those closest
Than those in the global race.

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love.

via Daily Prompt: Hate to Love.

— Side Note —

Where did I leave the “Hate to Love” train and pickup the betterment of mankind train? I must have been sleeping during the switchover.

Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth

I absolutely despise subjective questions. Especially feelings. So many people can have such different meanings for the same feeling. If I say I’m feeling depressed does the person I’m talking to think I’m on the verge of committing suicide or do they just think I’m slightly off my game today.

That’s also why I prefer to write as opposed to speaking. When I write I can be fairly sure that the people reading will understand my meaning. Plus I get the benefit of proofreaders and editors. Sure you can get speech writers and the like, but who’s to say that their word meaning is the same as your own.

Conversations are the worst. I stutter, hesitate, repeat myself, basically all the things that you’re not “supposed” to do. As Christians we’re supposed to be evangelists in our daily lives. I wouldn’t dare. I believe that I would chase more people away then attract. Let me write a letter and we might actually get somewhere.

I’m looking forward to the day that they come out with neural implants that convey a person’s real meaning instead of their literal meaning. Of course that would probably bring on a slew of other issues too.

I think I’ll just write.

Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth.

via Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth.

Writer Know Thyself – Bad Habits

Do you have a bad habit that affects everyday life?

Most of my bad habits are related to my self-esteem. My biggest bad habit that most affect my life and the lives around me would be the way I over think the way people say things around me. A simple comment leads into me wondering why it was said, did they mean it that way, or did they really mean something else. And really most of it lies in something someone wise once told me a long time back. Inside every comment, no matter how innocently said, lies a grain of truth.

How would life change if you overcame that habit?

I would imagine that I would be more relaxed about life as would those around me. But I also believe that over thinking comments is what makes me a better writer. If I can think of all the what ifs in life, then it should be able to color my stories more.

What steps would you need to take?

I believe it would take lots of time and treating myself like one of Pavlov’s dogs. When dealing with one’s psyche this way so much is ingrained that changes cannot be made by just deciding suddenly to not do so.

What would make you finally decide to change?

Frankly, someone other than myself would have to be hurt by it. I feel too much like I’m maintaining status quo that upsetting the balance, would affect too much other stuff.

Does your main character need to overcome a bad habit?

All this talk of bad habits has made me realize that she doesn’t have one. Perhaps she’s a little too perfect. Maybe she needs a bad habit to make her more believable. She needs something that will make the readers hurt for her and cheer her on to get over.

At least this exercise has given me something to work on.

This blog post curtsey of The Writer Magazine November/December issue Writing Prompt

Shuttle Launch

I saw this article in my inbox when I got home from work today and I couldn’t help but share. Apparently us lucky people on the east coast get to be able to watch the shuttle launch from the comfort of our own homes. I thought that that was really cool. The really neat part is for those of use inside of both circles will be able to watch the solid rocket boosters and the main engine cutoff too.

The only problem is that it’s going to happen a little after 1:30 AM. A bit over 6 hours from now. Considering that I have to leave for work at 5 in the morning I doubt I’ll be able to watch. So not fair. 😦