Daily Writing Commitment

Okay. The steaks for dinner are defrosting and marinating. My laptop is logged into Sirius Satellite Internet Radio and playing pleasant and non-distracting classical music. The air vent by my feet is covered with a pillow. (I hate cold feet but I also dislike working with my socks and shoes on.) My notebook with character information is opened in front of me. Now it just leaves me to actually write.

Oh dear.

Is that what I think it is?

Oh my, it is. My latest favorite distraction came in the mail yesterday. My monthly copy of The Writer showed up. That’s not to say that it arrived yesterday, I just finally checked the mail yesterday. Anyway, I was glancing through it during church today and one passage caught my attention. There’s an article entitled “The (not so) creative process.” I’m not going to copy the quote because I don’t feel like doing all of documenting necessary for me to not feel guilty about it. The gist of it is that you still need to be able to make you 300 words a day commitment regardless of creative spells.

What? 300? I must have read that wrong. That’s what I thought when I first read that article. There’s no way a novel can be written on just 300 words a day. I feel guilty when all I can pound out is 500 words using Write or Die. My mom tried to tell me that I only felt that way because my break into writing came from successfully completely the NaNoWriMo challenge. I don’t think so though. These big time authors put out books so quickly there must be more to it than that. Of course I also know that some authors decided to cheat and hire other authors to work for them to put out books faster. I still think that’s cheating.

Ah well, all of us writers are different I suppose. For me, if I can make it past my distractibility I’ll be doing fine. Since I started this blog entry my steaks finished marinating, I finished reading a couple amateur stories online, I wrote 500 or so words with Write or Die, I started cooking the potatoes and corn for dinner and started preheating the grill for the steaks.

It doesn’t say much for my prospects for my future, huh? At least I did get some writing done in all of that time. 🙂 Cheerio!