A New Beginning

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but I’m turning over a new metaphorical leaf. I’ll be posting more often and with hopefully better content.

Why am I doing this? Besides the fact that it’s wrong to leave a dead blog out on the net….

I’ve agreed to teach C. C. D. at my church. {This would be the excitement that the prompt calls for 🙂 } I’ll be attending Virtus training soon, hopefully this week. {Something else for me to blog about.} Our new D. R. E. asked me today about teaching Fourth Grade. It’s a first step for me, but it’ll help immensely with my super secret writing project. And if we’re all lucky, I might even teach some kids something about the Catholic faith.

So, everyone, please keep me in your prayers. (If you don’t pray, wish on a shooting stay for me, and then email me about why you don’t pray.) I’ll need all the divine help I can get for my first year.

Daily Prompt: The Excitement Never Ends


Maintaining Christianity in a “Post-Christian”

This blog posting has some of the most useful Christian advice I have ever seen. As our society drifts further and further away from the good values we used to have, it becomes more important to keep hold of the values closest to us. We may not be able to affect society as a whole, but we can affect our family and how we react to the outside world. There are several items on the list that I plan to institute in my own family. I’d love to institute the No Meat on Friday ruling, but it would be a nightmare with my son. If anyone has any recipes that disguise fish as someone else, I would love to get a hold of it. 🙂

Vox Nova

Two young fish, so the story goes, are swimming casually along, talking about whatever it is that young fish talk about.  Presently, they look up and notice an elderly fish approaching.  He has a mysterious twinkle in his eye as he passes them, going the opposite direction, and playfully shouts, “Hey boys!  How’s the water?”

Once the old fish is out of earshot, the first young fish turns to the second and asks, “What the heck’s water?”

It has been observed by many people that we live in a post-Christian culture.  The Christian who hopes to stay Christian, raise her children as Christians, and help her Christian friends and family resist the tide of secularism is often at a loss.  We live in a culture the underlying presuppositions of which are, in fact, quite antithetical to the gospel.  The problem, however, is that we are very often like the young…

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