Jello Eaters

My prayers go out to Jello Eaters

Living by the beep of meters

The ones who give blood to know

Waiting on the lab coats to show

Visitors and guests that pester

While their anxiety still festers

Constant tests and hospital fluff

All the while finding words tough

For every ouch and every meal

Pain center being a little too real

For those watching the chart readers

My prayers go out to the Jello Eaters


4 comments on “Jello Eaters

    • Thanks. For some reason putting jello in the same prompt as hospital just made me think of the infamous green jello in the hospital food trays.

  1. A few years ago my wife was recovering from a serious operation but couldn’t manage the hospital food. In desperation the staff asked what she would like. When she told them, they went to the public cafeteria to buy it for her.

    • Despite the bad reputation, I think most hospitals are willing to work with patients to keep them happy and healthy faster.

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