Once Again and Gone

Across the avenue I long to venture

The grass looks greener in the center

I feel the call driving me on

Dare I answer before its gone?


Magic or science what is the difference

To me none of it makes sense

To remain… To stay…

To be in the way…


Once it was easy when I felt used

When this dimension I was fused

I was pulled, the intrigue was strong

Even though every change felt wrong


The bell tolls for me once again

Stains of time are calling when

Only the phone no one can pay

Appears and I wish to stay

September 9, 2013 Sunday Wordle # 125

(Yes, I am a Whovian. Got a problem with that?)


2 comments on “Once Again and Gone

  1. No problem with that at all. Just wish the BBC hadn’t scrubbed so many of the really early black and white episodes so we could see how it all started. I must confess Tom Baker was the one that really set the series alive for the whole family as they grew up.

  2. I have to admit that I am a recent Whovian. But I find the whole thing utterly fascinating, especially the original ones. I was tickled to find them on Netflix, even the classic episodes.

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