Daily Prompt: Live to Eat

What is food but nourishment for the body
Too much and too little makes our minds foggy
Some live to eat and others eat to live
I say instead that we should eat to give

To live to eat we waste so much
It brings us further out of touch
Only one benefits and not for long
For it is merely memory and then gone

Better to eat to live, and to live a life
What have we done but altered strife
What have you replaced you excesses with?
Foolhardy adventures and tales of myth?

Blessed are the ones that eat to give
Knowing that they must still eat and live
But money saved can be given to poor
And time saved helping to save more

Daily Prompt: Live to Eat.

via Daily Prompt: Live to Eat.


4 comments on “Daily Prompt: Live to Eat

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