Catch Up Time – Belated Platform Challenge

Day 13

I took a day off from the world yesterday (and I still got 9 views! Kudus to be followers, love you guys!) But here I am again and I’m going to forge on ahead through the ones that I’ve already previously done.

The lucky day 13 challenge is about linking your posts to your social media. Thanks to Networked Blogs and WordPress’s nifty little Publicize program I’ve been doing that since nearly day one.

Day 14

This day’s challenge is all about Google+ which thanks to my ex-boyfriend, I already have. It did have a few suggestions for updating my account which I have taken. Many are similar to the optimization suggestions for the other social medias. However I did bite the bullet and remove my beloved little pirate profile picture and put up the same image I put on all my other profiles.

Day 15

Make three new connections, for a bonus go for five. The whole point to this is to establish yourself online and the best way to do that is to make contacts. Mr. Brewer offers some good suggestions on how to introduce one’s self to others.


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