Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

Furtive glances
Lies prepared
Who are we lieing to?
Ourselves? Family? God

The need to know and learn draws us in
We become addicted to the world news
Time has been wasted
Priorities are misplaced

We know everything that happens as it does
But what becomes of those nearby? Are they lost?
The time has come, take a stand
Computers off, rest our hands

Twitter – Facebook – Google+
My Space – LinkdIn – Pinterest
All of them pull us further out
Drawing us along the global route

If we must follow, follow those closest
From global views to the local news
Leave the celebrities for our friends
Keep up with the small town trends

Perhaps this world would be a better place
If we cared more about those closest
Than those in the global race.

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love.

via Daily Prompt: Hate to Love.

— Side Note —

Where did I leave the “Hate to Love” train and pickup the betterment of mankind train? I must have been sleeping during the switchover.


3 comments on “Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

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