Daily Prompt: Forever Young

Ageless waters sparkling clear
Daring many to take their sip
So many hold their youth dear
Hiding from that final trip

The vessel of water before me
Taunts with visions of second life
The thoughts of escape are distinct
But stalled by the thoughts of strife

Who would want to live forever young
Always pretty, always shallow
When age offers so much to learn from
For beauty or mind? Love would be hollow.

Daily Prompt: Forever Young.

via Daily Prompt: Forever Young.


7 comments on “Daily Prompt: Forever Young

    • True but I think I used a bit of a poetic license with that one. I was thinking more of living forever as opposed to just being young.

      Ah well, it can use a bit more editing. I thought it was a fairly decent response for being early in the morning and combining two prompts.

      Thank you for the reminder to fix it up. It will definitely be on my writing to do list

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