Search Engines – Belated Platform Challenge Day 10

Today’s challenge is all about rankings and search engines. It’s good to know where you sit in life. Jesus may have told us to sit at the lowest place as it’s better to be asked to sit somewhere better than to be told to move to a lesser place, but as a writer it’s very important to know what the readers see when they look for you on the internet.

What I found when I googled my name shouldn’t have been surprising. I know I have a bad habit of opening accounts at places and then forgetting them, but it was still surprising to see how many results came up with my name. It’s made me realize just how important it is to think twice about what you put out on the internet because even if you forget about it, it’ll still be drifting about out there in cyber space.

It did surprise me to see that my blog didn’t even show up. That is something that will have to be fixed real soon (preferably before I publish my upcoming book of poetry or even my eventual novels) Sure it’s nice to know that the average person can find me on but would I rather they go there or my blog?

I definitely have more work to do on that front. Robert Lee Brewer does mention that in later dates in the challenge that he goes over SEO, search engine optimization. I certainly look forward to that.


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