Meaning in Tragedies – Wordle #87

In honor of brave Connecticut, I dedicate my response to this weeks Wordle response. (And let me tell you, the word itch was the hardest to place.)

Tragic thoughts drift through my mind
As I watch the ocean wave rush by
Thoughts of towers, planes, and schools
Images of terrifying and barbaric tools

Oil slicks, gun blasts,
Towers top, bloody pasts
Would it be the Devil’s itch?
Or maybe humanity’s glitch?

So many voices are angry
So many pointing fingers
So many crying sadly
While the hurt and pain yet lingers

Some say it’s because God was removed,
That cry of outrage is most often used
But as yet no one controls our mind
No rules can keep God from mankind

And then the cries of fear and despair
“Why has God done this?” fills the air
Why would the One who gave us free will,
Step in when we bother not to still?

Another small wave comes in and I sigh,
The oranges and yellows appear in the sky
I watch as the sky begins to lighten with dawn
I listen and feel the deep call to live on.

For I have heard the call from within
To love all others as our own kin,
For anyone who has total acceptance and love
Would know to seek not here, but above.

The visibility is great now, the ocean glassy,
I can see the gulls’ eyes of blue so milky
I offer one more prayer for the ones left behind
That this unfolded tragedy be healed from the mind.


2 comments on “Meaning in Tragedies – Wordle #87

  1. Thank you so very much for sharing your most eloquent treatment of the tragic events that seem to overwhelm us at times. You did an extraordinary job of expressing the emotions, feelings, and reactions of so many when these sorts of mad and senseless things happen. Thank you for linking me over here. Please come back and visit me when you can. I’ll subscribe to your blog so I can read more of your work!


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