Daily Prompt: Me Time

Daily Prompt: Me Time.

I have recently begun to believe that Saturdays are a good detox time in between the work week and Sundays. When I worked at McDonalds my schedule was irregular and I wasn’t as firm in my faith as I am now. Now though I am more centered in my faith, and I wouldn’t go back to the way I was anymore.

It works best for the Monday through Friday workers, but anyone with two days off in a row knows that the second day is the true day off. I can spend Saturday getting all of the issues from work out of my system and be able to fully appreciate Sunday for what it is supposed to be, a day of worship of God.

Is this Saturday everything I want from it? So far, yes. I’ve had a good night sleep. I’ve started a new short story writing project (If Zoo, the cat, will leave my materials alone). And I have great plans for spending time with my family. It only remains to be seen how those plans will turn out, but either way, I will feel better prepared to meet God tomorrow.


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