Mad Libs Poetry

Mr. Robert Lee Brewer has some funny ideas at times. Late last night he came up with the idea of a Mad Libs style poem. I decided to play along. I’ll put the prompts first and then my selections so that if you want, you can play along also. Personally I think Mr. Robert needs to get a little more sleep at night. Winking smile

  1. Plural Noun
  2. Singular Noun
  3. Present Tense Verb
  4. Singular Noun
  5. Singular Noun
  6. Present Tense Verb
  7. Present Tense Verb
  8. Plural Noun
  9. Plural Noun
  10. Present Tense Verb
  11. Singular Noun
  12. Complete This Statement: “I hope ____________.”

I decided to go with a Christmas theme (being that my computer looks out over at the Christmas tree when my “office” door is open.

  1. trees
  2. present
  3. open
  4. toy
  5. child
  6. scream
  7. build
  8. blocks
  9. gadgets
  10. sit
  11. cat
  12. they clean up

Now for the blanks:

“Poem Title”

I’ve saturated the ______________
with tales of my _____________.
There’s nothing left for me to ______________.
Every __________, every ____________–
they all ____________ to me!

______________ their inner ___________, their
naked ____________. When you __________
your ____________, I hope

It all went okay until I left the Christmas theme. If you do the poem, feel free to post them here or head over to the My Name Is Not Bob blog and put it in the comments there. Either way I would love to see them.

“Santa’s Retirement”

I’ve saturated the trees
with tales of my present.
There’s nothing left for me to open.
Every toy, every child–
they all scream to me!

Build their inner blocks, their
naked gadgets. When you sit
your cat, I hope
they clean up.


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