Posting Elsewhere – Platform Challenge Day 6

One of the hardest things one can do is to put one’s self out into public, exposing their heart and soul to the world.

The day 6 challenge of the Platform Challenge is to post on another site. Mr Robert Lee Brewer makes a valid point in his challenge for the day. Part of establishing an online presence is making yourself be seen. Amazingly enough, I posted on a couple sites and mere hours later I’ve been followed and had a posting liked.

We have to remember that there comes a point when what we write is not just for ourselves, or even family and friends, but for the world. We can’t be read far and wide and continue to be afraid of other’s opinions.

I believe that this is probably my highest part of the learning curve. I’ve always been terrified to know that others are reading my work. Anything from an essay to a poem would stike fear in my soul. I need to learn to accept that what I write is how I feel or what I mean, no matter how others may respond to it.

Some of the greatest works, the greatest thoughts, the greatest people have provoked the hottest fires.


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