Twitter – Platform Challenge Day 4

I’m having flashbacks to the challenge from the previous day. Sure Twitter doesn’t have the same following that Facebook does, but really. Even my mom has Twitter. (Not that she actually uses it) He did however list a few ‘optimization’ tips that I will most take advantage of.

  • Make your profile bio relevant – He suggests using the one line sentence from Day One. I think I might.
  • Use an image of yourself. – I’d hate to get rid of my beloved unicorn, but I suppose there comes a time to let go.
  • Make your Twitter handle your byline–if possible. – After taking the time to realize just what the byline is, I realized that my first name by itself doesn’t truly count. Winking smile
  • Link to a website. – Done and Done. My blog is linked.
  • Tweet regularly. It doesn’t matter if you have only 2 followers (and one is your mom); you still need to tweet daily (or nearly daily) for Twitter to be effective. – Oops. I’ll have to try this from now on. I knew I had to be doing something wrong.

It’s actually funny in a way, fate and all. Yesterday from Mr. Robert Brewer himself is a posting on the effect of tablets on the publishing business. He included a comment on how important an Author Platform is to the writing business now. I find it amusing to see it, just a few days after picking up his challenge.

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