The Words are Fighting – Wordle 86

After so many references about having to fight the words at the Sunday Whirl I couldn’t help my reference. This one, I believe, wrote itself.


The lines have been drawn
It will happen today
Warriors are spanning the spectrum
Preparing for the innate lesson

Troops – firm up that simile
Soldiers – rejuvenate the idiom
Officers – the hat needs a fresh meaning
Medics – the word stress needs cleaning

The battle has forged on
We refuse to allow it to coast
Delicate word choices to relentless errors
Similes and metaphors are rampant terrors

Battle after battle, fight after fight
We have soldiered across time and space
The battle was against the Bland Corps
I have won the war


4 comments on “The Words are Fighting – Wordle 86

    • I think I’ve found that if I fight the words too much I end up with truly awful poems. I think poetry is a bit like the old quote by some famous sculptor. The one that says that he didn’t carve a particular item, he just had to find what was hiding in the stone.

      We all just have to find what the words want to say. (Or what God is telling me to say through them) I loved your poem too, by the way.

    • I would never fight my friends. 😉 I was just lucky with this batch of words. That and I couldn’t resist when so many complained about the words fighting them.

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