Daily Prompt: Live to Eat

What is food but nourishment for the body
Too much and too little makes our minds foggy
Some live to eat and others eat to live
I say instead that we should eat to give

To live to eat we waste so much
It brings us further out of touch
Only one benefits and not for long
For it is merely memory and then gone

Better to eat to live, and to live a life
What have we done but altered strife
What have you replaced you excesses with?
Foolhardy adventures and tales of myth?

Blessed are the ones that eat to give
Knowing that they must still eat and live
But money saved can be given to poor
And time saved helping to save more

Daily Prompt: Live to Eat.

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The Three Doors

Once upon a dark dream
Stood a subconscious scheme
Before me stood three doors tall
Behind them my fate would fall

The first was inky black
With a sheen that oils lack
Oozing hatred and despair
I wish not to reside there

The second was of such beauty
That I did not feel at all worthy
The door painted of purest white
Was too holy, too perfect, too right

The third felt inadequate yet homely
A simple wooden door stood humbly
Neither painted nor perfectly carved
Not quite perfect but seeming deserved

The dream pushes on, the stakes are set
One I don’t want, one I feel a safe bet
And yet I feel the pull of the beautiful door
I want to choose the one which is more

Which door to choose, which one chooses me?
One of hate, one of love, one of mediocrity.
I open the pure door of the olive sprig
I choose to have high hopes, to dream big.

Daily Prompt: Just a Dream.

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The Time is Now

Dear Local Government
Have you heard the peoples’ cry?
Do you know we see you as corrupt?
Can you hear the people asking why?

All it takes is one voice to start
But our voices are too tiny
We need an official to take heart
Someone whose voice is mighty

Too many are famished
So many are depressed
It’s time to heal the damaged
It’s time to free the oppressed

During the journey through moral deserts
And on behalf of all the local denizens
Thank you for your efforts.
Signed, A Concerned Citizen

Daily Prompt: Dear Leader.

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Catch Up Time – Belated Platform Challenge

Day 13

I took a day off from the world yesterday (and I still got 9 views! Kudus to be followers, love you guys!) But here I am again and I’m going to forge on ahead through the ones that I’ve already previously done.

The lucky day 13 challenge is about linking your posts to your social media. Thanks to Networked Blogs and WordPress’s nifty little Publicize program I’ve been doing that since nearly day one.

Day 14

This day’s challenge is all about Google+ which thanks to my ex-boyfriend, I already have. It did have a few suggestions for updating my account which I have taken. Many are similar to the optimization suggestions for the other social medias. However I did bite the bullet and remove my beloved little pirate profile picture and put up the same image I put on all my other profiles.

Day 15

Make three new connections, for a bonus go for five. The whole point to this is to establish yourself online and the best way to do that is to make contacts. Mr. Brewer offers some good suggestions on how to introduce one’s self to others.

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

Furtive glances
Lies prepared
Who are we lieing to?
Ourselves? Family? God

The need to know and learn draws us in
We become addicted to the world news
Time has been wasted
Priorities are misplaced

We know everything that happens as it does
But what becomes of those nearby? Are they lost?
The time has come, take a stand
Computers off, rest our hands

Twitter – Facebook – Google+
My Space – LinkdIn – Pinterest
All of them pull us further out
Drawing us along the global route

If we must follow, follow those closest
From global views to the local news
Leave the celebrities for our friends
Keep up with the small town trends

Perhaps this world would be a better place
If we cared more about those closest
Than those in the global race.

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love.

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— Side Note —

Where did I leave the “Hate to Love” train and pickup the betterment of mankind train? I must have been sleeping during the switchover.


When I see the wild crashing ocean
I can feel you close by me.
When I feel the caress of the sun
I know that my search is done.

Many times our faith is stifled
By attacks your church has suffered
Youth are instructed in self belief
Too many don’t see your sweet relief

It can be so hard to hear and see
When surrounded by this earthly city
Great achievements cannot be had
Until in your light we are clad

Call to Actions – Belated Platform Challenge Day 12

Today’s task is to write a new blog posting with a call to action at the end.

A call to what?

My immediate thought is that I have to write a blog on some crazily emotional post and call people to act upon it. I’m sure I could come up with something new to blog about, that’s easy. But do I really want to turn my beloved new blog into a battle ground of sorts?

That’s when I did something that I would recommend every do when they participate in a challenge (currently or belatedly). I read the rest of the posting.

Now I feel like the idiot. What Robert Lee Brewer mean’s by a call to action is adding something to the bottom of the posting. It could be a link to a previous posting or an initiation to follow you on other social medias. That being said, I’ll definitely add something on to my next posting, and I’ll probably feel silly while doing so.

Sharing Articles – Belated Platform Challenge Day 11

A reminder to my faithful few, my platform challenge postings are scheduled so many of the challenges are already accomplished a few days ahead when you read this. That being said, let’s get on with this one.

This day’s challenge is simple at heart, and yet can have wide reaching affects to one’s blog. The challenge is to share an article through the social media (and blog of course) accounts that have been created so far. I have done as much and the it’s interesting how it works. By sharing a post or article you’re sharing with the author that you find it interesting enough to share with others, but you’re also linking your name with the blog and the article. Similar to retweeting interesting tweets, you’re establishing yourself by sharing relevant and interesting materials.

I can only hope that the article (actually a blog post) accomplishes that to those that read it here.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up

Apparently this is the time of year that many people blog about top 10 lists of things that have happened throughout the past year. Honestly, with my memory I couldn’t finish a list if I wanted to. Instead I offer you this…..

Top 10 Anticipated Moments for 2013

  1. At least one novel sold and published
  2. At least two novels written and attempting to be sold
  3. Self-Publish two poetry eBooks
  4. Self-Publish my father’s poetry
  5. Go on a real vacation somewhere
  6. Read War and Peace
  7. Lose at least a couple pounds
  8. Get a dalmatian puppy (I promised myself when I accomplish #1)
  9. Buy Christmas presents before Thanksgiving
  10. Become a better person than I am now

Shall we meet back here this time next year?

Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up.

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Daily Prompt: Forever Young

Ageless waters sparkling clear
Daring many to take their sip
So many hold their youth dear
Hiding from that final trip

The vessel of water before me
Taunts with visions of second life
The thoughts of escape are distinct
But stalled by the thoughts of strife

Who would want to live forever young
Always pretty, always shallow
When age offers so much to learn from
For beauty or mind? Love would be hollow.

Daily Prompt: Forever Young.

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