Was That My Ex–Weird Dreams

This so goes beyond the pope in the last weird dream that I blogged about.

It started out that my sister and I were driving… somewhere after work. We decided to stop at this weird boat landing to collect little fish for my fish tank. I’ve done that for real where I live with my nephews and my son. She parked the car right on the boat ramp and while I’m doing whatever I’m doing I notice that the car is rocking a bit. (get your minds out of the gutter) I notice that the brake isn’t on so I jump in and pull the emergency brake. After that I help pull in a boat that was stuck and I notice that The car is almost completely submerged. Apparently it was a tidal river. I jump back in praying that it’ll start. It does and I drive it completely out of the river and a little ways up the road. When I get out I see a little water hole that is just inside the edge of the woods. I take my little bucket and quickly scoop up with larger fish that had gotten caught in it. There’s also a tinny alligator that had been caught in it. Just before the entire little pool drained I get the last fish out and set the baby alligator free in the river.

The next part of my dream was really odd, even compared to that. There were two people in a van of some sort with a drink machine in the back. There was some lesson being taught to the driver but the details are really fading.

The next part is more complete is not odder in its own way. I was in the middle of some sort of court hearing against some obscenely rich guy who had been abusing his employees. One older woman in particular was in the case while the rest of the staff was backing her up. She won the case and a group of us left after some guy had seen a monkey that really meant something at the time. It felt like a family group in some sort of spy ring movie or something. With me there was this older guy who gave the orders, some other girl a little bit younger than me, and my ex (my real life ex). Some how I didn’t know he was my ex until later.

Okay, apparently the boss guy is being bribed or something and in order to catch the bad guy the plan was made to lower the money into the room in question while I went downstairs to catch him. I get there and the room is empty. I quickly run back upstairs and see the boss guy and my ex standing in front of a wall holding a string. I laugh at them as tell them that they’d been had. That was the point when I knew the other guy with me was my ex. Next we’re in some sort of living area getting ready to eat dinner. At some point I’m sitting next to the table moving things and my ex leans down and whispers in my ear.

"You didn’t have to tell my dad I was in on it," he whispered. I get this instant memory of some sort of prank or surprise party planned for his father. I don’t say anything, I only grinned. And he kissed me. I can remember my eyes widening in surprise as I looked up at him. He whispered something about that’s what I get or something. And I woke up. So weird…

My ex doesn’t read my blog does he?


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