Think Before Sending

I am sick and tired of "Forward Fever." If I could change anything in life it would be that people would understand that not everything said in an email can be taken as 100% truth 100% of the time. Come on now. We have places like and for a reason. It’s because many of these viral forwards are false, misunderstandings, or just nuts. No companies are going to track an email and give everyone X amount of dollars or a trip to Disney World. Nobody is donating a dollar for every email forwarded out about some sick child that may or may not even exist. There are no reported gangs using bloody car seats to lure women out of their cars in a gang initiation. (Although it does sound like the beginning of a awesome horror story) And it is currently not advised to do self-CPR when you feel a heart attack coming on.

I’m not brilliant. I don’t go out contacting all the places and people mentioned in these emails to see if they’re true. I go to the people who have. is really great about that. If there is a contact in an email that looks even remotely official, they check it out. Just because there is a police department or hospital mentioned doesn’t mean that they actually endorsed it. Sometimes they don’t even exist.

Please people! Think before you hit the send button. It takes less time to do a bit of research at than to respond to my emails when I email you what I learned when I looked it up at snopes. 🙂

I was reading this one quote at that I think sums it up:

Jay Friedman, the hip-hop producer who wrote the rap and also records as Satellite High, is reportedly highly amused by the whole situation. "People are willing to believe very strange things when they come from the internet," he told CNN’s Political Ticker blog.


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