Welcome to the Ben

Ben? Excuse me?

Just to back up, I was playing the Book Worm game on my DS Lite just recently and I was just playing around and put in Ben. Nothing surprises me much with that game, I swear it makes up words, so I wasn’t too surprised when it accepted it as a word. What did surprise me was the definition. I had to look it up at Dictionary.com to make sure. It was true, but the definition on Dictionary.com was more complete.


the inner or back room of a two-room cottage, esp. when used as a combined parlor and bedroom.

Figures that the Scots would come up with something like that. Reading the Dictionary.com definition made a lot more sense then the Book Worm definition. The Book Worm definition was just the inner room of a two-room cottage.

I mean really, if you picture it how could there possibly be an inner room in a two-room cottage. Unless the inner room is in the center and the rest is wide open around it. Perhaps it’s a bathroom.

That’s be a laugh. I wonder how any men named Ben would feel having a bathroom named after them?


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