The Gargoyle Prophecies, Part I, The Savior Rises–Book Review

I have to admit that this novel was unlike anything I have ever read before. It’s a great novel about a young woman’s search for who she is and where she fits in life. The amazing story of Stefani starts with her memory of her mother being murdered to her adult life as a stripper. The novel follows her as her life is thrown to the wind by a man determined to drive her to insanity for his own purposes. Every step of the way leaves you second guessing your own intuition the whole way and the ending leaves you thinking that you may still have the wrong idea.

All in all a good book that leaves you wanting to know what comes next. I’m not sure I’d pay the price of $2.99 for the kindle edition. Not sure if I’d pay the nearly $11 for the new copies, but the $3.50 for a used book is definitely worthwhile.

That being said…. It’s time for NaNoWriMo before bedtime. Cheers all!


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