Was That My Ex–Weird Dreams

This so goes beyond the pope in the last weird dream that I blogged about.

It started out that my sister and I were driving… somewhere after work. We decided to stop at this weird boat landing to collect little fish for my fish tank. I’ve done that for real where I live with my nephews and my son. She parked the car right on the boat ramp and while I’m doing whatever I’m doing I notice that the car is rocking a bit. (get your minds out of the gutter) I notice that the brake isn’t on so I jump in and pull the emergency brake. After that I help pull in a boat that was stuck and I notice that The car is almost completely submerged. Apparently it was a tidal river. I jump back in praying that it’ll start. It does and I drive it completely out of the river and a little ways up the road. When I get out I see a little water hole that is just inside the edge of the woods. I take my little bucket and quickly scoop up with larger fish that had gotten caught in it. There’s also a tinny alligator that had been caught in it. Just before the entire little pool drained I get the last fish out and set the baby alligator free in the river.

The next part of my dream was really odd, even compared to that. There were two people in a van of some sort with a drink machine in the back. There was some lesson being taught to the driver but the details are really fading.

The next part is more complete is not odder in its own way. I was in the middle of some sort of court hearing against some obscenely rich guy who had been abusing his employees. One older woman in particular was in the case while the rest of the staff was backing her up. She won the case and a group of us left after some guy had seen a monkey that really meant something at the time. It felt like a family group in some sort of spy ring movie or something. With me there was this older guy who gave the orders, some other girl a little bit younger than me, and my ex (my real life ex). Some how I didn’t know he was my ex until later.

Okay, apparently the boss guy is being bribed or something and in order to catch the bad guy the plan was made to lower the money into the room in question while I went downstairs to catch him. I get there and the room is empty. I quickly run back upstairs and see the boss guy and my ex standing in front of a wall holding a string. I laugh at them as tell them that they’d been had. That was the point when I knew the other guy with me was my ex. Next we’re in some sort of living area getting ready to eat dinner. At some point I’m sitting next to the table moving things and my ex leans down and whispers in my ear.

"You didn’t have to tell my dad I was in on it," he whispered. I get this instant memory of some sort of prank or surprise party planned for his father. I don’t say anything, I only grinned. And he kissed me. I can remember my eyes widening in surprise as I looked up at him. He whispered something about that’s what I get or something. And I woke up. So weird…

My ex doesn’t read my blog does he?


Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel–Book Review

When I first received this book I was so excited. A note from both the publisher, Blue World Publications, and the author, David Goodberg. It’s the first book I’ve received like this and I was very excited to start it, despite the stack of other books on my to read list. I was exceedingly pleased with this nicely bound book with the little stamp on the inside cover declaring that my newest prized possession is a review copy not to be resold. Woo! That being said… What did I think?

An ADD afflicted person’s dream come true! I loved this book from the very beginning. Following a two chapter introduction to the commercial side of time travel are many short stories interspersed with either thought provoking or humorous anecdotes of a single page in length. From cover to cover this book is bound to at least bring a smile about. The very few stories that aren’t amusing are insightful to the human psyche despite the fictional setting.

At the very least a very worthwhile read. I definitely suggest that anyone interested in science fiction should go out and find this book come February 8th.

Cape Seduction–Book Review

Cape Seduction by Anne Carter was certainly an interesting book. I enjoyed how you had a little bit of history throughout the book to learn the background of the lighthouse in question. It takes a strong writer to be able to properly pull the constant switching back and forth off. It was hard to get into at first but you’re grateful that you tried by the end.

Was that a nice enough review if the author is looking?

All in all, 3 out of 5 stars. Not sure if I would read it if it weren’t free. There’s enough other, better authors out there.

Between a Roc and a Hard Place–Book Review

This book had me from the cover. I love dragons. I mean I really love dragons. And while the title doesn’t say it, the cover certainly does. There’s a baby dragon sitting in a nest of bird chicks.

The author, Danny Birt, pulled off an adorable children’s book that was completely worth it. There are many lessons taught from the idea that family is what you make of it to defeating racism. A poor orphaned dragon is given to a nest of birds, of rocs, and is raised with a family so entirely different than itself that it learns many lessons that those of its kind never had before.

I completely enjoyed reading this book, especially when I found that it was more than the standard ugly duckling book that it appeared to be at first. I would imagine that many children would also enjoy it, even though my hard headed son wouldn’t give it a try. But that’s a 10 year old for you.

All in all… five stars for a children’s book, four for books in general. Cheers to you, Danny Birt. I look forward to more from you in the future.

Think Before Sending

I am sick and tired of "Forward Fever." If I could change anything in life it would be that people would understand that not everything said in an email can be taken as 100% truth 100% of the time. Come on now. We have places like factcheck.org and snopes.com for a reason. It’s because many of these viral forwards are false, misunderstandings, or just nuts. No companies are going to track an email and give everyone X amount of dollars or a trip to Disney World. Nobody is donating a dollar for every email forwarded out about some sick child that may or may not even exist. There are no reported gangs using bloody car seats to lure women out of their cars in a gang initiation. (Although it does sound like the beginning of a awesome horror story) And it is currently not advised to do self-CPR when you feel a heart attack coming on.

I’m not brilliant. I don’t go out contacting all the places and people mentioned in these emails to see if they’re true. I go to the people who have. Snopes.com is really great about that. If there is a contact in an email that looks even remotely official, they check it out. Just because there is a police department or hospital mentioned doesn’t mean that they actually endorsed it. Sometimes they don’t even exist.

Please people! Think before you hit the send button. It takes less time to do a bit of research at snopes.com than to respond to my emails when I email you what I learned when I looked it up at snopes. 🙂

I was reading this one quote at factcheck.org that I think sums it up:

Jay Friedman, the hip-hop producer who wrote the rap and also records as Satellite High, is reportedly highly amused by the whole situation. "People are willing to believe very strange things when they come from the internet," he told CNN’s Political Ticker blog.

Welcome to the Ben

Ben? Excuse me?

Just to back up, I was playing the Book Worm game on my DS Lite just recently and I was just playing around and put in Ben. Nothing surprises me much with that game, I swear it makes up words, so I wasn’t too surprised when it accepted it as a word. What did surprise me was the definition. I had to look it up at Dictionary.com to make sure. It was true, but the definition on Dictionary.com was more complete.


the inner or back room of a two-room cottage, esp. when used as a combined parlor and bedroom.

Figures that the Scots would come up with something like that. Reading the Dictionary.com definition made a lot more sense then the Book Worm definition. The Book Worm definition was just the inner room of a two-room cottage.

I mean really, if you picture it how could there possibly be an inner room in a two-room cottage. Unless the inner room is in the center and the rest is wide open around it. Perhaps it’s a bathroom.

That’s be a laugh. I wonder how any men named Ben would feel having a bathroom named after them?

The Gargoyle Prophecies, Part I, The Savior Rises–Book Review

I have to admit that this novel was unlike anything I have ever read before. It’s a great novel about a young woman’s search for who she is and where she fits in life. The amazing story of Stefani starts with her memory of her mother being murdered to her adult life as a stripper. The novel follows her as her life is thrown to the wind by a man determined to drive her to insanity for his own purposes. Every step of the way leaves you second guessing your own intuition the whole way and the ending leaves you thinking that you may still have the wrong idea.

All in all a good book that leaves you wanting to know what comes next. I’m not sure I’d pay the Amazon.com price of $2.99 for the kindle edition. Not sure if I’d pay the nearly $11 for the new copies, but the $3.50 for a used book is definitely worthwhile.

That being said…. It’s time for NaNoWriMo before bedtime. Cheers all!

The Magic of Longing–Book Review

If you don’t like magic I wouldn’t recommend this book, as the whole world of magic takes a backseat to the actual story. However the presence is there strong enough that if your dead set against it that you probably wouldn’t appreciate the story line until the very end.

However, if you can deal with "real-world" magic and are not overly fascinated with it, this book is definitely worthwhile. It’s a story of well meant but misguided intentions and how these intentions throw the worlds of the other characters off. While I do believe that the reactions of some of the people did not match their developed characters, it was all worthwhile in the end.

Overall… Three stars out of five. Not a bad read, but I’m not sure I’d pay the 2.99 it costs at Smash Words.