Microsoft Office 2010

I just updated to the latest edition and I’m not altogether certain how I feel about it. The first program I’ve opened since the update was Outlook and I cringed. That grey background has GOT to go. Soon as it finishes its mammoth “optimization” process that seems to be taking several hours. All I wanted was to get an email out of my contact list so that I could attempt to use that Office Live feature to help me put my files out online for those that are reading my novel for me. And here, thirty minutes later, I’m still waiting for the Updating in Progress bar to go away. And before anyone bothers to correct me, yes I know that I can still use parts of the program while it "optimizes" itself, but anyone who also knows me, knows that I’m not going to sit here just waiting a minute or two until I can click the next button to get where I want to be. I have much more important things to do like grip in a blog posting about Office 2010. 🙂 And I know I’ve only been looking at the main starting window in Outlook, but it doesn’t that much different from the last edition.

Here’s hoping I don’t regret the update. Look for my next Office blog to see how it goes. 🙂