Carla’s My Body His Temple//The 30 Minute 30 Day Challenge

A good friend of mine, Carla, author of Carley Sense has issued a challenge and I… for better or worse am rising to it. At her forum site, she talks about her 30 Minute 30 Day challenge. I’m accepting her challenge and am passing on that challenge to anyone who happens to read my poor blog entries. Join up on the site and go through with the challenge and she’s offering a prize for someone to be chosen at the end.

I’m going public with my weight to make it harder for me to back out of the challenge. Besides, I can’t let my friend Carla be the only one to stick her neck out on the line. Her challenge starts on January 30th, but I’m going to start now and continue on to her ending date of February 28th.

I just did my Body Test on the Wii Fit and am at: On the Wii Fit I weighed in at a horrifying 283 pounds and a 47.2 body mass index. My exercise routine is going to be several Yoga exercises in the morning before I go to work and some free step and regular strength training exercises in the evening. I’ve previously lost 10 pounds in three or so weeks when I first got the Wii Fit, let’s see if I can’t duplicate those results. I intent to become the next champion for the Wii Fit! Just call be the Jared of the Wii Fit!

A couple tips and tricks that I’ve learned through the years of weighing yourself. (and a couple taught me by the Wii Fit)

  1. Weigh yourself at approximately the same time each day. Your weight will fluctuate a lot throughout the day.
  2. You’ll weigh least in the morning, so your best bet is to use the bathroom soon as you wake up and then weigh yourself. 🙂
  3. Don’t weigh yourself every day, once a week is better. Daily weigh-ins can be discouraging and will make you more likely to give up.
  4. Wear the same clothes every time you weigh yourself. It eliminates the weight differences of different types of clothing.
  5. Use the same scale each time, preferably your own scale, not a public one. Public scales, like a gyms, can be messed with by other people. For reliability you want to stick is a single scale and only compare your weight to other times on that scale. There can be weight differences between different scales. There’s also an electronic scale you can buy at Wal-Mart that can track weight lost and gains for two different people.
  6. Try to measure your waistline also. If you’re also exercising you need to keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. You could be gaining weight, but loosing inches.

Writer’s Block: Friend in deed

I’ll accept anyone as a friend. I don’t believe in denying someone friendship just because of a lack of intelligence or other trait. However if they treat me badly or if they lie a lot, the majority of the friendship will be in their own mind. Even if you do something wrong morally, I’ll still listen to you and support any positive changes but I wouldn’t necessarily trust you. 🙂

Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Stuck here in the waiting room of… the endocrinology office at the Rutledge Towers in Charleston, I working on the book review I’m attempting. I told you in my last blog of what my intentions were for that. I think that my next blog will be about the official posting of it on hub pages. I’m hoping that the first one is the hardest and that it’ll be easier once I have a sort of template fixed.

I didn’t make it far into my project today before something caught my attention. If you’ve never been to an MUSC office, they all have a set of TVs in their waiting rooms, each playing a station called Accent Health ( It’s pretty good information about health, diseases, exercise, and just about everything else in between. For example, they have a program right now about "eating the rainbow" where you’re supposed to include all of five different colors of fruit and vegetable everyday.

Anyway, what caught my attention was their mentioning cauliflower during the recipee portion of the program. I’ve been hoarding bags of frozen cauliflower thanks to Angel Food Ministries and my lack of knowledge of what to do with it. Anyway, while listening to them making the recipe, a Shepherd’s Pie, it sounded real good and I intend on making it real soon. I just wanted to share my find with you guys and I’ll let you know how it goes! If you want to try it the recipe is here,

Writer’s Block: Baby, you can drive my car

I would definitely buy a new car if I had the money. I used to want a truck so that I could carry stuff around that I never could before, but I’ve been seeing this other car come through my job fairly frequently that I really love now. I want one of those smart cars. They are so cute and they get wonderful mileage. Either that or a hybrid minivan or SUV. Something that I could cart around a lot of people and still get good gas mileage.

My Latest Potential Writing Scheme

… at least until I get my first novel finished.

A long time ago I was playing around online and someone mentioned on their blog. I looked into it and it seems really cool. You write things, opinion pieces, how-to articles, and other items like that. You submit it to the hubpages site and link it to some sponsor page. Any revenue created by people clicking through from the hubpages website to the sponsor results in hubpages receiving kickbacks from them. And after a fashion hubpages passes on a portion of those kickbacks to you, the writer.

Here’s my brilliant idea I had a week or so ago. I’m going to write book reviews. I’m going to review children books (or other books as I feel inclined) and write them from the perspective of a parent. I figure that parents would appreciate an opinion piece on the contents of a book before letting their child read it. Especially for those busy parents that don’t have time to read every book that may cross their child’s hands.

If anyone has any ideas of what these reviews should contain, please note them on here or on my facebook or even email them to me. 🙂 I’ll need all the help I can get.

I’m thinking it ought to be called Aunt Agnes’s Book Review. Agnes is my confirmation name (it’s a Catholic thing) which gives it a good religious spin almost.

Any opinions?