Word of the Day – Ameliorate

ameliorate: to make or grow better (Dictionary.com)

I don’t think there’s a better word to describe what I’m doing right now. Between the editing my novel and attempting to clean my room I am… ameliorating my life and my novel. I’m actually pretty proud of myself. I found my desktop where my computer sits. Tomorrow, or later today I should say, I can actually put in front of me my notebook that has the printed version of my novel in it. You know, instead of laying it on top of piles of… stuff.

And on the issue of my novel, I’m starting to feel better about it. Things are starting to really grow bigger. I keep making notes of different chapters I need to add, but in addition to adding content and word count, I think it’s also going to make my readers more concerned about the main characters. Or at least I hope so. My first chapter has made a big hit in the few people that I’ve allowed to read it. The trick is to make the rest of the chapters as good as the first. That’s my goal right now.

Now to see what I get done tomorrow. In the meantime, I need some sleep. 🙂



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