Who Do You Live For?

I was just watching a bit of a You Tube video that made me think a bit. I know what those of you who really know me are thinking. I still don’t really care for You Tube, but I saw it on Face Book. I’ll paste the embed code later on in this entry. Anyway, there was this one quote:

Isn’t it funny how I can be more worried about what other people think of me than what God thinks of me?

I was thinking about this and it kind of makes sense. I know what the author of the video is trying to say, that we should be more concerned about how we appear to God than other people. But aren’t we also supposed to see Him as our father? What happens to “God Loves You”? God loves you no matter what you do. No, He may not care for the things that you do, but He still loves you.

So when you think about it, it’s not about who you care more about appearances for. They’re just appearances. God already knows you to the center of your very being. So it’s not about what God or other people think of you. It’s about who you live your life for. Do you want to be the person that God see or is there room for improvement. Once you find that improvement, do you have the guts to make the changes that God would like to see. No one can make those decisions except for yourself.

That being said, I wish everyone a happy and safe All Hallows’ Eve tomorrow.

Here’s the video:


Do not neglect the gift that is in you. —1 Timothy 4:14

I love that line and I have ever since I first found it and pasted it into the heading of this blog entry ages ago. 😉

I can’t help but wonder if that’s what I’ve been doing all my life. I’ve always known that I’m smart. Or at least I have since it was important. That’s not to say that school was easy. It never has been. But that’s all part of managing ADHD on my own with no medical help. We did learn how to juggle symptoms by withholding certain foods that affected me, but there was always that part that I had to constantly fight to be able to focus. I still have to “remind” myself many times about what I’m supposed to be working on.

My ADHD even shows up in my writing. On my bad days I’ll be jumping all over the place. Then on my good days I sort of grimace at what I read and that’s when the extreme pre-editing comes into play. That’s what I’m working on right now. In the process of editing I’m also fleshing out my novel because I’ll see where whole brand new chapters need to be added.

During Robert’s soccer practice today I discovered that I managed to add on another thousand words in one such chapter. I have one more scene that I had just started when practice ended. That scene will end the chapter and I can move on with the edits in the next chapter.

Back to my original purpose of writing this. (I told you I get off track a lot.) With each success, no matter how big or small, I feel like I’m finally doing what I’m supposed to have been doing all along. It sort of brings me a great relief.

I can only hope that everyone can someday find that one gift that they are meant to be using. I hope and pray that everyone can feel that sense of relief of knowing what they’re supposed to be doing.


Word of the Day – Ameliorate

ameliorate: to make or grow better (Dictionary.com)

I don’t think there’s a better word to describe what I’m doing right now. Between the editing my novel and attempting to clean my room I am… ameliorating my life and my novel. I’m actually pretty proud of myself. I found my desktop where my computer sits. Tomorrow, or later today I should say, I can actually put in front of me my notebook that has the printed version of my novel in it. You know, instead of laying it on top of piles of… stuff.

And on the issue of my novel, I’m starting to feel better about it. Things are starting to really grow bigger. I keep making notes of different chapters I need to add, but in addition to adding content and word count, I think it’s also going to make my readers more concerned about the main characters. Or at least I hope so. My first chapter has made a big hit in the few people that I’ve allowed to read it. The trick is to make the rest of the chapters as good as the first. That’s my goal right now.

Now to see what I get done tomorrow. In the meantime, I need some sleep. 🙂