Advice Needed and Welcomed

I didn’t blog at all back then so you probably didn’t know this, but last Christmas season my car was broken into and my purse snatched. And before anyone says anything I know it’s stupid to leave your bag on your front seat and I haven’t done it a single time since then.

Anyway, story goes that they finally caught the guy and sent him to jail. Only thing is, he went away for doing something or other to a cop. The issue with my car was a minor detail. I think the sentence was for three years or something. I don’t really remember anymore.

But here’s my problem. I just received an email from…a lady about the guy’s pre-parole investigation. What the heck am I supposed to say? I’m still bitter because in my eyes I didn’t receive justice. How am I supposed to tell her whether I recommend parole or not? I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell her.

If anyone else has been in this situation, please let me know! I need HELP!

Logorrhea – Word of the Day

According to our word of the day means excessive talkativeness. I couldn’t help but think about how completely that describes several members of my family.

I think it’s a recessive gene in my case but most of my family members has it in some form or another. My oldest sister just can’t seem to stop talking. I mean if you’re riding with her in the car, especially when she’s the one driving, once she starts talking she won’t stop. Forget about introducing a new topic, you usually can’t even get a word in edgewise. The most I usually accomplish is just a simple "Mmm Hmm" or "Uh hunh."

Of course my son is no better. He’ll just prattle on about nearly anything, but it usually centers around his latest "thing." Lately it’s been Pokémon, before that it was Bakugan, and before that it was Transformers. Sometimes there’s a bit of Shark Week thrown in. He loves MythBusters and a few other shows on the Discovery and Science channels so you never know what will come from him next. It wouldn’t be so bad but, unlike my sister, many times he’ll actually quiz you on topics. It’s really hard to admit to a child, especially your own child, that you weren’t really listening to him.

But they both come by it honestly, you know? My mom is much the same way. I have mentioned in the car how much I like a particular song usually with the exact words "Oooh, I love that song!" and just a few seconds later she’ll start talking about something or other. Other times we’ll be sitting around at home and I’ll tell her about how I need to do this or that and she’ll start talking about something else, stopping me from getting what I needed to done right away. And anyone who knows me knows that if I don’t get things done immediately then it will more than likely not get done at all.

Of course that gene is so entirely recessive in me that I hardly ever talk. My mom complains about that all of the time, usually in relation to my son. We talk, we just don’t prattle on about nonsense like some people. I’m more of a listener, always have been. I never really speak up. With a radio on I could easily spend an entire hour long trip in the car without talking to anyone. Talking that is, I do have a tendency to be a car singer. I can’t help myself most of the time.

Of all of the things that I’ve been obsessive compulsive about in my life, luckily (for my passengers and coworkers) talking is not one of them. Perhaps that’s why I get on so well with some members of my family. They talk and I listen, or tune them out as the case may be.

Good Deeds or Not?

I was thinking today about the actual act of giving. We all know that we are supposed to give of ourselves. We hear about it at least once every year. You know, about how we have to give of our time, talent, or treasure. I’ve always been a bit on the short side when it came to funds so I’ve tried to give whenever I could otherwise. I donate my blood through the Red Cross. I donate my hair every two or three years for the Locks for Love people. I signed up for the donor program where if my plasma is every needed directly, they can contact me. Or at least I think it’s plasma, I’m not one hundred percent certain anymore. I also sing in my church choir and help our choir director whenever I can.

I got to thinking however. We all know it’s important to help, give, and do good deeds. What got me thinking is our intent. Does it count in God’s eyes if we’re doing good deeds because we know we’re expected to do it? Or is it something much deeper than that? I remember my mom talking to my son one time. He had done something wrong, I can’t even tell you what anymore. He apologized, but she wasn’t very accepting. She asked him if he was sorry because it was wrong or if it was because she was upset with him.

Perhaps that’s the question we should be asking ourselves before we pray or before we go to confession. Are we apologizing to God for our misdeeds because we’re suddenly realizing that He’s been watching all this time and knows about it or are we truly sorry that it ever happened? Sure I’m sorry that I lied to my mom when I broke the cookie jar, but am I sorry because I know that God doesn’t want us to lie or because I spoke an untruth.

In addition to that, are our good deeds worth anything if we’re doing them to please God or because it’s the right thing to do? Is it like bring the shiny red apple to school for the teacher? Are we just trying to butter up the teacher only to find afterwards that she (or he) sees through our effort and still grades us fairly? I’ve heard people refer to an act of nicety as their good deed of the day. If you look at it like that, does it still remain a good deed?

We are supposed to follow in Jesus footsteps. I can’t imagine Him only helping people because it was expected of Him. I know that it’s harder for some of us than others, but we’re supposed to at least try to follow the right path. But is it the right path when we do it for the purpose of pleasing God, or for the purpose of actually helping people.

Daily Writing Commitment

Okay. The steaks for dinner are defrosting and marinating. My laptop is logged into Sirius Satellite Internet Radio and playing pleasant and non-distracting classical music. The air vent by my feet is covered with a pillow. (I hate cold feet but I also dislike working with my socks and shoes on.) My notebook with character information is opened in front of me. Now it just leaves me to actually write.

Oh dear.

Is that what I think it is?

Oh my, it is. My latest favorite distraction came in the mail yesterday. My monthly copy of The Writer showed up. That’s not to say that it arrived yesterday, I just finally checked the mail yesterday. Anyway, I was glancing through it during church today and one passage caught my attention. There’s an article entitled “The (not so) creative process.” I’m not going to copy the quote because I don’t feel like doing all of documenting necessary for me to not feel guilty about it. The gist of it is that you still need to be able to make you 300 words a day commitment regardless of creative spells.

What? 300? I must have read that wrong. That’s what I thought when I first read that article. There’s no way a novel can be written on just 300 words a day. I feel guilty when all I can pound out is 500 words using Write or Die. My mom tried to tell me that I only felt that way because my break into writing came from successfully completely the NaNoWriMo challenge. I don’t think so though. These big time authors put out books so quickly there must be more to it than that. Of course I also know that some authors decided to cheat and hire other authors to work for them to put out books faster. I still think that’s cheating.

Ah well, all of us writers are different I suppose. For me, if I can make it past my distractibility I’ll be doing fine. Since I started this blog entry my steaks finished marinating, I finished reading a couple amateur stories online, I wrote 500 or so words with Write or Die, I started cooking the potatoes and corn for dinner and started preheating the grill for the steaks.

It doesn’t say much for my prospects for my future, huh? At least I did get some writing done in all of that time. 🙂 Cheerio!