Writer’s Block: Theme Dining

Okay, the writer’s block question today is what sort of theme restuarant would you open and how would you express the theme to your customers.

I don’t know if it’s much of a theme, but I did have this idea come to me a long time back that intreguied me. I would love to create a diabetic friendly restuarant. It would primarily be a sit down restuarantwhile still allowing take out orders. Perhaps even have a staff member on hand for blood sugar testing before or after meals upon request. The entire menu would be organized by carb amounts. Perhaps also the sodium amounts. I know my mom at least has to watch her sodium also. Maybe little notations by each item that contains milk and other allergens. And there would be someone on hand all the time in the case of emergencies. Kind of like a paid paramedic.

Just a thought. 🙂


2 comments on “Writer’s Block: Theme Dining

  1. restaurant

    Girl, you hit so many of my needs right on the head. I love it. I am a diabetic who doesn’t really do everything I need to do. I’ve been doing it so long and it at times does seem so un necessary. Of course, I’m type 2 and I take 30 units of Lantus insulin daily. I am very aware that I need to eat something befor I take my insulin in the a.m. I do it the simple way, I drink a strawberry ensure and then take my shot. Later I can eat a real brunch or whatever. I would love to see you have a list of substitutions handy or on the wall even so those people like me that know them but can’t remember them on the spot could benefit. For sure, have the bloodsugar testing out of site because lots of our children, g/children get very upset if they see you get stuck or anything like getting a shot. I have a g/granddaughter that I’m trying to help understand why I take a shot each morning. She remembers every detail!!!!!! Children are smarter then they used to be.

    • Re: restaurant

      Surely there would be a way to make it fun. Unfortunately these days it’s not only adults that develop diabetes. I was reading somewhere or other that it starts earlier and earlier.

      Maybe turn it into some medieval quest to unlock some prize chest. Most kids love that kind of stuff. 🙂

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