Facebook and Live Journal

This is actually kind of cool. I was playing around on facebook just now. Kind of like I always do when I first get back home and I just got back home from taking my mom up to the Rutledge Tower in Charleston for a doctor’s appointment. (For the record, I really hate parking garages, but that’s another blog completely.) So as I was waiting for the shuttle lift off on the NASA satellite channel I was cruising about on facebook, checking up to see what parts of the world came crashing down in my absence. I came across a notification message that one of my friends on there was requesting that I confirm that she was the author of her blog. So that led to me cruising about this new site called NetworkedBlogs on Facebook. It’s pretty neat so I ended up linking my facebook and my blog together. We’ll see how that goes. It wants me to send a test post though so don’t be surprised if you see a dummy post, or whatever they come up with. 🙂 I’ll probably post again later after I’ve worked on the novel some and weeded my poison ivy laden strawberry patch.


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