Baby Names

No, I’m not pregnant. Or at least I don’t think I am. It would take a miracle for me to be pregnant at this point. Of course I am Catholic and we do believe in the whole Virgin Mary ideal, so you never know. 😉

No, what I really mean by my title is that I’m taking the next step in my novel. I’m making… (dun dun dun) changes. **shudders** Horrifying, isn’t it? Apparently figuring out the cultures for my two societies in my novel was the easy part. Now I have to integrate these cultures into the parts of the novel that I’ve already written. Including the names of the characters that have already been established. For example I have dear Andrew, unfortunately from the wrong side of the water, but still a good guy at heart. Unfortunately the background behind his is the Romani side. Andrew isn’t really a Romani name. So Andrew becomes…. Walther? Maybe. I’m not sure. According to the Names and Meanings website that I’m looking at right now it means “ruler of the army” which seems odd to me to belong to a Romani, but I’m no judge. 🙂

So anyway, that is my full and complete explanation behind my delay in writing full time on my novel and posting on my journal here. That being said I need to keep looking for more names and words to mutilate. I mean, think about it, my cultures that I’m basically restructuring have been separated from any modern influences aside from each other. They will each probably exchange certain ideals, perhaps even have their own spelling changes in their words and names. Which means I get to take the real words and change bits and pieces. For example I can take the Romani word for king, change a bit here and there and presto, I have a new word for a queen. And once having come up with this new word I need to go through my 73K word document and replace nearly every incident where the word queen appears.

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