When It Rains It Pours

Oh dear. I very nearly had an emotional breakdown a moment ago. Let me give you a little bit of background first.

On Tuesday apparently there was a thunderstorm of some sort. I wouldn’t know because I was at work at the time. The problem is that I came home to find that while my stove works the oven doesn’t, the internet was somehow offline, most of our local channels were inaccessible, my monitor didn’t work at all, and my terabyte Book that I bought with my income tax money was also fried. This was one evening for me. Let me tell you, I thought the world was crashing down around me. My bank account was also about to be in the negative and my gas card (my PayPal card) was missing.

The next day I spent most of the day trying to make sense of the problems. I managed to troubleshoot my monitor on my own to make sure that it wasn’t something simple like the cables before contacting Dell. A couple days later they shipped me my new monitor via FedEx which is a whole other can of worms that I’ll tell you about some other time. I probably won’t arrange for the old one to be picked up until Wednesday, which is my next day off. The internet issue was apparently just the DSL box needing to be reset. At that same time I found out that one of the telephone wires running to the box was also fried. Let me tell you, those surge protectors that have the phone line plugs are WORTH IT! Of course having a surge protector didn’t save my monitor or Book. Both were plugged into a surge protector.

I just sent an email out to Western Digital this afternoon. I’m hoping to hear back from them soon one way or another. The Book is definitely under warrantee, and I also paid for the extended warrantee with Wal-Mart. I also sent an email out to whirlpool (manufacturer of our oven) and they gave us a few suggestions and a link to find the local service company. After following their suggestions I’m predicting that the issue is with the control board or whatever they call it. We contacted a nearby, or as nearby as anything is to Andrews, Maytag place and they’re sending some one out next week. Once it’s fixed we’re celebrating with having a frozen pizza for dinner. 🙂 Unfortunately it’ll be a full week until the Direct TV folks get out here to fix the satellite issue. But it’ll be worth it. The guy I talked to from Direct TV was really nice and gave me a 99% guarantee that a complete upgrade of everything from dish to receiver would be free.

That brings me up to today. I was getting ready to start fixing dinner. I was going to put some chicken in my brand new steamer. Steamed chicken sounds odd to me, but the steamer booklet says that it can do it so I wanted to try it. About five minutes into the process the steamer gives an error beep and cuts off. I can keep turning it back on, but it only works for a couple minutes. That doesn’t do me a bit of good. I’ve looked all through the booklet and there’s no explanation. There’s no explanation on the website for the manufacturer either. So now I’m waiting on an email from both Western Digital and Rival. Hopefully I’ll get good news from them.

Now comes the emotional breakdown part. I plug in my USB drive that holds my novel. The only copy right now, mind you. I moved it off of my hard drive so that I would be able to use it while waiting on a new monitor. I jump to the section that I was working on last time and now comes the heart attack part. I’m missing a huge chunk of writing. I’m talking about around a month’s work. Oddly enough I have three different copies of my novel on my flash drive.

Anyway…. I’m much better now. My heart rate is back to normal and I’m ready to sit down to write again. I’ve been fortified on soda and chocolate and I’m ready to get going. I’m hoping for a thousand words before I head off to bed.


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