Mormon Articles of Faith or Works versus Faith

Wow, I’m using the actual Live Journal website to update. That’s pretty amazing. The reason for it is almost as amazing. I was doing research for my novel’s background this evening. I can’t just use an organization or group for my novel’s history, if I don’t know anything about them. So I was doing some research on the Mormon’s this night and I stumbled across this page. (Edit: I lied. Opera, my browser of choice, had a heart attack so I copied and pasted into my blog software on my desktop.)

What is really neat about this link isn’t the information per se. What I really found fascinating was the debates that cropped up in the comment portion after the document. I’ve always found the works versus faith argument fascinating. My personal feeling has always been how can you believe in faith alone when your faith and so called love for Jesus should lead you to the works part. I can’t see how they can be separated at all. And here’s my can of worms I’m about to open. Personally I believe that those who TRULY see it as works alone are showing how shallow their faith is. If you have really "accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior" then how can you not see good works/good deeds as necessary? We’re supposed to want to follow in His footsteps so to speak. I’d put up Bible quotes and whatnot but for two very good reasons. There’s a pretty good list in the comments section in the link I showed up there. (I cheered for some of them as I was reading.) And number two is that I’m extremely sleepy and about to fall asleep at the computer. 🙂

That being said, I hope I didn’t alienate anyone reading this. But then again, I don’t care if I alienate anyone that doesn’t believe in being a good person doing good deeds, even if not required to.

Good night all!

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Live Journal Writer’s Block Question:

Perhaps no genre has benefited more from the Internet than the rant, and Live Journal has seen some of the finest in its class. What is your favorite rant from the pages of LJ?

Hmm… I have to be perfectly honest here. I don’t travel about on Live Journal much. I do have to say that my favorite rant is about working conditions. It’s something that nearly everyone can identify with. Like they say, misery loves company.


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