A Solution Comes Into View

(chanting) I figured it out! I figured it out!

Kudos to whoever knows which commercial I got that from. And my hat off to anyone that knows where it came from before that, if there was a before that. I certainly don’t know.

I am very hyped right now. Yesterday I was at Health Point, a gym in Pawleys Island, and I was watching a news program while using one of the high tech stationery bikes. They suck  for a workout for me, but I can’t do any of the other cardio machines right now because of my bones spurs in my feet. Anyway, something on the news program made me think of the ideal people for my mysterious island issues. The reason that the Amish would have been ideal was because they prefer to live without modern conveniences. It would give them motive to want to move to a "land" where there were no temptations at all. But the down side that I mentioned before was that they would not have the political backing to actually make the move… unless a land baron of some sort or some special interest group made the effort for them. And in addition to that… would the Amish actually want to pack up and move and start over?

Anyway my solution came to me while I was debating and watching the news. What I wanted was some sort of strict sect that has strict rules and methods so to speak. They also would need the incentive to make the move. I came upon a brilliant answer to my dilemma. The Mormons came to mind eventually. At the time all I knew about them was that they, or at least some, were polygamists or supported polygamy. Since polygamy is illegal they would have the incentive to make the move. I’m still not certain about them having enough political power, but I thought that if I had to I could have them kind of hitch a ride with the Romani, who when I’m done with them will have the political power and the funding.

So now I just have to do more research on them to learn more about them and plan how I can pull this off. I’ve already found out that what I need exactly is the Mormon Fundamentalists. They consider themselves just Mormons, but the Church of Later Day Saints says that only their people can be considered Mormon. It’s an interesting situation really. I can probably sketch out a quick chart of sorts determining how their beliefs would alter after having relocated to my island. We’re talking maybe… a hundred years down the road. Long enough that they probably would have forgotten how they got there. They will be going back to basics after all. And I suppose there will be some who will remember more than others.

Of course, I can always use my mom’s suggestion also. She mentioned, jokingly, the pygmies.

Live Journal Writer’s Block Question:

What do you want your last meal to be?

Hmm… I’d have to say… A grilled shrimp salad and bowl of she crab soup from Lands End in Georgetown. I absolutely love that stuff!


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