The Debate Continues

I’m still debating different organizations to use for my novel’s background. I need some sort of Victorian-style group. I’m picturing some stern or strict sort of people. Definitely no feminism in this local. The problem is that they need to have political backing. One of my options would be a Colonial American group. The sorts of groups that would have political roots, but also keep up the old traditions. Like the people that teach tourists how nails were made in the old days. Or those that are serious about the battle reenactments. I don’t know if the Colonial American time period has sparked enough attention to warrant the political power that would allow them to accomplish what I want.

Originally I wanted to use the Scottish or Irish, but unless they were in addition to my Romani, they wouldn’t do the job I wanted them to do. I can’t picture the Scottish or Irish as the stern group that I want. But then again, I haven’t done that much research into their historic culture. It might be time to head over to the library. I’m off from work on Friday so I might make a day of it. If anyone has any suggestions on particular articles or books that I might want to look out for, any and all help is appreciated. Especially for online sources. Almost everything I look for is about protecting the land or landmarks. But I’m looking for culture. The Amish would have been good, but I can’t figure out what it would take to get the Amish to evacuate to another land.


I don’t know. I need to keep thinking about it some. I’ll come up with a solution sometime.

Live Journal Writer’s Block Question:

What’s your favorite thing to order for takeout (or takeaway)?

Definitely Pizza. Whenever we travel, as a family of course, I always look forward to being able to call for delivery pizza. It’s something that I’ll never be able to get out here in the boonies.


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